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A Thin Line of Type

The pros in disc golf traveled a long way to get to Santa Cruz, California for the Master's Cup this year. It was a trip of almost 5,900 miles,¬†9,467 kilometers for the metric crowd, from Konopiste that they made. Going... Continue Reading →

Learning Editing Again

Stepping out on a limb can be the most frightening thing you will ever do. Not literally stepping out on a limb, but taking the chance in doing something that you've never done before. In the several years that I... Continue Reading →

Getting Back in the Swing

The last month has been a hard one for me. Constant rain and soggy ground make for miserable disc golf. Two of the last three weekends were spoiled by the stormy weather. Three of the last four weeks have held... Continue Reading →

Mind Over Plastic

Tim of Mind Body Disc talked a lot about how your mind could play havoc with your disc golf game. Patrick of Zen Disc Golf expounded on the effects the mind has over your disc golf game. Many wise men... Continue Reading →

Media Speak – Jamie Thomas

This week,¬†Jamie Thomas was kind enough to take part in a second interview. As I have mentioned, I love picking the minds of the folks behind the videos we love to watch. Whether it's the guy behind the camera, running... Continue Reading →

Weekend Workdays

What is your favorite disc golf course? La Mirada, De LaVeaga, Maple Hill, Blue Ribbon Pines, or the one closest to your own home? I ask that because there are days that go unnoticed by the majority of disc golfers... Continue Reading →

Media Speak – Jomez Productions

After what I felt was a banner year in disc golf media and making my own entrance into the field, I wanted to have a deeper discussion with the best in the business. Having been blessed a little over a... Continue Reading →

The Winter Lull

It occurred to me this past weekend that winter isn't as bad as it could be. From January 10th through the 22nd, it rained 9 out of 12 days. Looking at measurements taken from around my area, it was around... Continue Reading →

2017 TDGA Bag Tag

Saturday, January 7th was the Tupelo Disc Golf Association's annual Bag Tag Challenge event. I played in my first one last year, and was looking forward to this year's event. With all the practice I had been doing the last... Continue Reading →

2017 Wish Listing

This time of year always has me reaching back to my childhood and thinking of the old Sears Wishbook. I thought that book contained all the toys in the world, and I wanted every single one of them. Fast forward... Continue Reading →

2016 Black Friday Deals

As I did last year, I will keep an updated list of the disc golf sales we all love to see. As I see the sales and ads, I will add them to this post. Discraft Factory Store Sale runs... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Astonishing Throws of 2016 You’ll Want to See

2016 has been the year of bigger and better for disc golf. More money, more coverage, more live coverage, and definitely more exposure. From my perspective, the casual player and tour follower, I have had more disc golf than I... Continue Reading →

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