If you’ve ever made some ridiculous play, shot, throw, putt, drive, touchdown, 3 pointer, flop shot, etc., you’ve no doubt thought ‘That’s a Sportscenter Top 10 moment right there.’ I love the times of the year when multiple sports are going on, and the #SCTop10 features plays from football, baseball, basketball, golf, disc golf, and maybe some hockey. Those are the times when I love a top 10.

Let’s take a look at some of the top disc golf videos of all time. I did my searching on the Youtube website, with disc golf as the only search term. I set the filter to sort them videos by view count.

Individual Shots

Of course, the top individual shot when searching with just “disc golf,” was the Philotross caught by Central Coast Disc Golf. Check out the amazing shot again. At 1.16 million views and counting, it’s the most viewed individual shot by a long shot.


Next in the search results is an ace by Seppo Paju off of the Santa Cruz wharf to a basket on the beach. This one is on Brodie Smith’s channel, so that brings a big name to the video for getting views. I bet it was the top individual shot until the previous one occurred. It was a great shot in front of a lot of spectators from Seppu with 803k views so far.


Taking the Bronze spot is an old ace from Nate Sexton at the USDGC Winthrop Gold course. Filmed by the Disc Golf Live video magazine crew, the video that has so many views appears to have been used by another entity and was posted to Brodie Smith’s Youtube channel. Still not bad for a 7-year-old video with 465k views.


And taking third runner-up is one of Jeremy Koling’s most famous bridesmaid aces, that time Dave Feldberg aced hole 3 at Maple Hill in 2015. Captured by The Disc Eye, it’s at 465k views to date.


Top 5 (or more) Round Coverage Videos

This category looks at the top videos that feature at least 9 holes of tournament round coverage. Jomez and CCDG have standardized the half-round format for releasing next day videos. There’s not anybody that I regularly watch that doesn’t have great looking video, so, lets get to the videos.

Coming in first is TheSpinTV with their 2016World Tour European Open Final Round Back 9 video with 448k views to date. That’s a big number, especially since the next two videos are trailing it by over 170k views each.


Taking second by a slim margin is the 2012 Worlds Final 9 video by Jomez Productions with 271k views. It’s nothing fancy or elegant. It doesn’t have the slick Overstable Studios graphics. It’s barebones footage. I’ll take it.


Third goes to Terry “The Disc Golf Guy” Miller and his 2016 Masters Cup Final Round video. At 269k views and counting, Terry is smashing disc golf coverage with his TDGG channel and with SmashboxxTV and their live coverage.


Fourth goes to the ever lovable guys from Central Coast Disc Golf and their 2014 Worlds Round 1 video. At just under 195k views, it’s a great example of woods disc golf.


Fifth goes to Prodigy with the 2015 Memorial Final Round. Jeremy Koling won on the first playoff hole after he parked the 1st hole. Nate Doss is famous for his snowman on that hole one year, and then for aceing the hole and it getting on Sportscenter.




Viral Videos

The Youtube channel FailArmy is one of my favorites. Posting regularly with videos containing people falling or getting hurt or doing something stupid, it’s a great way to perk oneself up during the day with a laugh. There are a couple of notorious disc golf videos in this category as well.

Likely the most famous is the WTF, Richard video. A classic case of grip lock, but this one is especially awful.


Another one that has made the rounds is a guy that falls off the tee box at Golden Gate Park DGC Hole 11. I first saw it on Ridiculousness. This clip isn’t quite as popular as the previous one, but it’s still a classic. The clip I could find of it doesn’t have a ton of views, though I’ve seen another channel that had the same clip with over a hundred thousand views.



If you know of any other videos that deserve some recognition, let me know. This was by no means a comprehensive list of disc golf videos. I hope you enjoy all disc golf videos. Those of us who get out to film put a lot of time and effort into providing this coverage. Hit up those that have Patreon accounts or sell merchandise to help support their efforts.

I’ll be filming this weekend in Memphis for the 2nd Annual Autumn Glory Open. It’s on two courses I’ve never been to, so we’ll see how blind filming goes.