I have never hit an Ace. I’ve come close a couple of times on some short holes. Veteran’s Park Original Hole 3 was one. The basket was in B position, which is further down the hill and on the left side of the fairway. My disc hit the number plate and then rolled almost 40 feet past the basket. I rang chains by myself one day on a hole, but I can’t remember which hole or course it was on as I’m writing this. And I’ve only been playing since the start of 2014, so it hasn’t been quite 4 years so far.

Three podcasts that I listen to, Big Daddy Disc Golf, Just Throw Podcast, and The Disc Golf Podcast decided to take one host from each who has a long ace drought and make a contest out of it. Dave Tucker (BDDG) has been aceless for 10 years, Joe Hardeman (TDGP) has his 5-year chip, while Chris Bawden (JTP) is almost a teenager with 12 years without.

If you want to get in on the contest make sure to visit http://dgputtheads.com/ace-curse-contest and make your pick for who will get their next or first ace before the others.

Watch This

Before the Idlewild Open this past weekend, Paul McBeth was among the many pros who played practice rounds on the course. He managed to ace Hole 11, which is only 192 feet long. Paul hit the first one with the basket in its regular mounting and again in the DGPT elevated mount.


Jessica Weese wasn’t going to let Paul get all the pre tournament hype, as she hit the ace on the same hole



The lovable Dave Tucker has a Youtube channel where he reviews discs. His ace drought has become the running joke in the BDDG Facebook group. He takes all the ribbing with the intended joviality from everybody who pokes at the drought.

Fellow Big Daddy Will Marion posted the following video to the group. It is very appropriate for anybody who feels that they’ll never hit an ace. Watch, enjoy, laugh, cringe, and feel the pain that the character in the video has when the disc keeps missing chains. I also think Jeremy Koling probably felt the same way during his run as the “Witness.”


How long ago was your last ace? Never had one? Let me hear where you’re at in your own personal ace quest. I’m still hunting myself, and probably will for quite a while.