Rust. It can be a formidable force. As it builds up, it expands and takes up more room than what is replacing. As is consumes more and more of the material it replaces, it can mean the disintegration of the original item. One might apply these metallurgical, physical, and chemical reactions to how an athlete’s skills can deteriorate after their playing career is over. It really stands to affect somebody who never really has a chance at becoming really good at any chosen sport

I can truly say that my elbow issue will never allow me to be a really good disc golfer. Since I can’t straighten my right arm completely, I’ll never get that power needed to throw past 250′ regularly. Despite these limitations, I love playing disc golf even though it may take me a stroke or two more per hole than most everybody else. Despite my love of the sport, I don’t get to play as much as I want to.


In The Bottom Of The Closet

The last two months have been miserable in terms of temperature and humidity. We finally caught a break in the rain after what seemed like significant rain every week since the start of March until mid-June. It was a significant enough amount of rain that the local tv weatherman reported that the drought conditions that we had been in for the past couple of years were no more. The collection of water in various areas meant that as it evaporated, there was no break in the humidity as the temperatures climbed.

All of these conditions brought me to my current point. I have only played one complete round of disc golf in the past three months. Rarely have I gotten out at lunch time to play. The temporary closure of my favorite lunchtime course impacted that as well. The couple of times I got out to play at lunch, I came back nearly completely soaked in sweat, so that the nixed until cooler temps prevail.

Adding all of this together means that I’m losing some of what I had worked so hard to gain the meager skills I had. I’m not forgetting about disc golf. Heck, I filmed two tournaments in two weeks and put out three videos in that same amount of time. Are they Jomez or CCDG in terms of video production? No. But neither is anything from Terry Miller’s Disc Golf Guy channel. And that truly only applies to the graphics used in the video. So what does this have to do with my disc golf game? If I’m filming, I’m not playing, thus I’m not advancing my skills. How many more times will I use I’m in a sentence? Read on to find out!!


Decline, Schmecline

I never set out to be a competitive disc golfer. I’ve always played just for fun. It’s one of the reasons I decided to get into filming tournaments. I still love to play club minis. I still love to play no matter what. Family always comes first though, so this year has been a tough one for me to actually get to a mini or play a whole round at any time.

I actually played my first club mini of the year last Thursday. Our club does a Summer Points Race for the Thursday minis, so we put down what division we play in for that. Because I had hardly played this year, I wrote down “suck” as my division. Foreboding as that may be, it was entirely accurate once the round was complete. Usually finishing near the bottom of the mini, I was BOB that day and it was epic.

Our first hole was #2. Bogey.

Next hole. Par.

Next hole. Bogey.

And so on, and so on, and so on. We were playing long tees on the even holes, and shorts on the odd holes. Everything is a Par 3. I had ONE birdie! Thank you Westside VIP Harp!

I even had to throw backwards to get out of trouble on two holes. The course isn’t terribly hard, though some of the holes have very tight windows as your disc approaches the basket. The last five or six holes play around and across a field that is across a creek that runs behind the church where the course is located. I even threw a few backhand shots that didn’t cause immediate pain. One was pretty enough that one of the guys I was playing with asked had I been practicing that. No was my short answer.

It was miserable out because of the heat and humidity. My Sportsack almost never left my hand. Between drying my hand of sweat and drying my discs because of the wet ground from early morning rain, it paid off to have it handy. Even when using it, I had several throws slip out early. It all added up to a 68 which landed me as BOB on the score sheet and in tags when they were handed out.

But, I had a good time. I had a few good throws. I enjoyed myself. That’s all that matters.


What’s Next?

I don’t have another filming gig until the middle of September. It’s the 2nd Annual Autumn Glory Open in Memphis, TN. A one-day B-tier put on by 1010 Discs out of Southaven, MS. Jordan and Jason Lee have a great shop, sponsor some local players, and are very active in the area. I’m grateful they reached out and wanted me to film the tournament.

After that, I’ll be filming the Weapons of Grass Destruction Finale event put on by Robby Harris. It will be at Trace State Park, utilizing the best course in North MS, Trace Gold, for one of the rounds. It’s all tee times also, so I won’t have to get up at the crack butt of dawn to get there to film.

As for my next few blog posts, I don’t know when they’ll come or how often. I’m not burnt out on blogging, it’s more like I haven’t gotten to do a ton related to disc golf since the beginning of July when I filmed the Bluff City Classic. Let me rephrase that. It’s been to damn hot to do much outside since I filmed the Bluff City Classic! Really though, I love disc golf, but not enough to chance heat stroke, dehydration, and blisters on my feet during the really hot times of the year. I’m looking forward to cooler weather so I can get back out at lunch without coming back in to work drenched.

Until next time…..