This last month has been one of many things going on. From medical issues to ball games, rain, heat, and humidity, there seems to always be something going on. There seems to be always something taking my time. I’ve also been spending more time with my family. I’ve started at least 5 posts, gotten a few hundred, sometimes a couple thousand, words in, and then something would go awry and it got deleted. My writer must be out of time or have a miss.

One of the things about most blogs you might be reading is that they have an editorial schedule. It lays out the posts, due dates, publishing dates, etc. I don’t do that. I write when I have something to write. That can be detrimental to some effect. Last year, I tried to put something out every week. That may have affected the quality of my posts somewhat. I wanted to do so much more than write trivial, run of the mill blog posts about my personal experiences.

Murphy caught wind of my aspirations, and he didn’t like them at all. I’ve had several things thrown at me that kept me busy and off the disc golf course. No excuses though. It’s time to get back in the mix and write some more things.


I’ve been on a roll with learning to do things in Adobe Premiere Pro. First was to “animate” text. It was nothing fancy, just a scroll in from the side, and scroll back off screen. I’m a visual learner for the most part. Once I see something done, I will remember it 98% of the time and be able to repeat it as well. I took to looking for some tutorials about animating text on Youtube. I’m not sure if the following video is the one I originally watched, but it shows what I wanted to do.


So, after watching this* video, I practiced on some clips to test what I wanted to do and got it all figured out. It’s pretty simple to me now that I know how to do it. I implemented it in my Southern Nationals video as you can see below. It’s nothing fancy, but to the beginner in me, it was awesome.

And going back to the videos, Michael Gibney mentioned that it would be nice to know the players’ scores for the entire event going when I’m only filming the last round of something. So I fired up Photoshop and made another thing! Simple as it looks, it took me some doing and finagling to get things just right so they would look just right. Thus, I had a new scorecard format for using in my videos.



Filming disc golf has never been so fun for me as it has been lately. Ian of CCDG turned me on the the shoulder rig that they use when filming. Who knows which company copied the other, but I bought the Revo version of it from B&H Photo Video while they tend to get the Neewer version from Amazon. There’s a little bit of price difference now, but a few months ago when I bought mine, they was only a 2-3 dollar difference.

The shoulder rig makes a world of difference for me in filming. I have a great freedom of movement compared to using a monopod. I’ve got a telescopic seat from a company called Sitgo. I use it while I’m filming, which makes me the tripod for the camera, allowing my upper body to twist and elevate however I need to get the shot. When I was using the monopod, I didn’t have to carry the camera, which was nice. But, I would occasionally kick or jar the bottom of the monopod on a root or the ground, and I didn’t like that.

The Future

It seems like I’ve got a good thing going with the filming. I’ve done three tournaments so far this year, with my fourth this coming Sunday. I’m only filming the final round of the 2017 Bluff City Classic in Memphis, TN. It usually draws a good crowd in the MPO division. That’ll be a great experience. The last round is played on a ball golf course in Overton Park, which is the park where the Memphis Zoo is located. It’s the only time of the year that disc golf is played on that course.

My dream was to expand the coverage of disc golf in the Mid-South area when I started filming. I knew I would never be a tournament player because of my elbow issue, so this puts me right up there with the best players in my area. I just wonder if Jacob Henson will continue his streak of appearing in my videos. That count is up to 7 published videos (not rounds), with one yet to be published, which would put him at being in my last 8 tournament videos.