The Glass Blown Open 2017 was supposed to be a great week. My compadre Robby Harris was competing in the Advanced division. I was going to film at least his first round of play at the Olpe course. Plans were set, contact with Bobby Brown had been made so that Dynamic Discs knew I would be there to film. The GBO app was on my phone so I would know what was going on in Emporia. I was all set.

Then Monday of GBO week happened.

I could say I was upset about not going to GBO, but I wasn’t. Family comes first. Even over disc golf.


I am the coach for my two daughters’ fastpitch softball team with the city park league. When we picked the girls for our teams, there was only mention of a preseason tournament. Nothing was set in stone that one would happen at that time, which was at the beginning of April. Then, Monday of GBO week, I got a text saying we would be having a preseason tournament that Saturday. Not only was it for my girls’ age group, but all age groups. Which meant my son would be having games as well.

So, making the hard call, I decided to stay home and take care of things with my kids so my wife wouldn’t be pulling her hair out trying to do everything by herself. My wife felt really bad about my missing the trip. I repeatedly told her that it was fine, the tournament isn’t going anywhere.

In The Beginning…

See, when I started playing disc golf back at the beginning of 2014, I was working from home doing remote tech support. The company I worked for, Plumchoice, was a contractor for other companies like Avast, HP, Verizon, ATT, and others. They provided tech support services for them, and I worked the Avast and HP channels. I had Sunday and Mondays off. It worked great for disc golf. I could take the kids to school on Monday morning, then play disc golf until it was time to pick them up. I would get one, two, and sometimes three rounds in depending on the course I played.

When I switched jobs to a normal 8-5 M-F job, disc golf took a back seat for a bit. I kept the weekends for time with my family, which I still do. The local club I am a member of, Tupelo Disc Golf Association, holds minis on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. I’ve rarely played the Sunday minis, and by rarely, I mean I’ve only played one or two since I started playing. I love the Thursday minis that are played during daylight savings time.

The city park league ball my kids play always starts at the beginning of May and runs 5-6 weeks. They play 10 games. Not many games really. Until you have three kids playing on three different ball fields at different spots in the Sportsplex. It isn’t always that way, but if your kids are more than a year and a half apart, it will always be that way. My girls were on fields next to each other, so it wasn’t that bad.


Promises, Promises…

Keeping a promise is something that my wife values very highly. Having had many “promises” broken growing up, she doesn’t like to promise to do anything unless we are absolutely certain that we can make it happen. Knowing this early on in our relationship has made me value keeping a promise as well.

The kids playing ball and my wanting to play the minis on Thursdays have always conflicted. I told my wife at some point in time that our family would always come before my wanting to play disc golf. She’s had a couple of times where she thought that disc golf was winning the battle, but after staying home from the GBO trip, she truly believes that fact now.


Unexpected Positives

After I made the decision to stay home, I let the girls on my team know that I was going to be there for the tournament that Saturday. My girls expressed to my wife their delight that I would be there to coach them. They were somewhat surprised that I had canceled my trip to stay home and coach them. My niece, who is also on the softball team, told my mom that I didn’t go so I could coach them.

After the ballgames on Saturday, I was feeling great about being there to coach the girls and watching my son play his games. It was a great day. My girls went 1-1, and they all played great. Not a single hit the other teams got went past the infield. All of our pitchers had never pitched in a game before, so they did really well. While my son’s team didn’t fare as well, he still had fun and enjoys playing baseball.

I’m getting back to disc golf stuff this week. I took somewhat of a break overall from disc golf while I spent my time off with the family. One thing I can say is that family will always come first, no matter what event I have planned on attending.