One of the most contentious subjects in disc golf is the bag one is using. Size, style, material, storage, and liquid carrying capacity make a big difference in anybody’s preference for a particular bag. Like many people, I started out using whatever bag I had on hand to carry my few starter discs. I even used an old soft sided lunch box that had a hard plastic liner in it. It worked great for a while until it started tearing in places, which was expected as I had used it for 2-3 years as my lunch box when I worked in a manufacturing position. 

The bag I currently use is made by Odin Disc Golf. It is a backpack style bag with many similarities to other, more well known backpack bag makers. Going from those non-disc golf bags to a true disc golf bag makes a big difference in how you interact with your gear on the course. You no longer have to shuffle through things to find what you want. Just like with other bags designed for specific uses, your disc golf bag is the same. I was happy to get my first disc golf bag, the Infinite Discs Large Bag with shoulder straps.

I’ve been fortunate since I started playing disc golf. A few giveaways have gone my way over the last year and a half. One for the Odin Disc Golf bag was one of them, which was given away by Disc Golf Shops on their Facebook page. On June 3, 2016, they posted the giveaway and rules. It was pick a number between 0-100k, tag 3 friends, share, like a page, the normal stuff for a giveaway. If you followed everything, and picked a number closest to the one generated by, and didn’t go over it, then you won the bag. I hit all the requirements!

The Main Squeeze

I’ve been using it as my main bag ever since. It holds about the same as the Infinite large bag when you use the two putter pouches at the top. Depending on your bag makeup, it could hold upwards of 25 discs in the main compartment.

Full frontal view

Since I throw mostly mids these days, all I have in the main compartment is mids and putters. With all the mids I have in it at present, I am still able to carry nineteen (19) discs in the main disc compartment. That includes 2 Harps, 2 Wardens, a Judge, 4 Truths, Kaxe Z, Bard, Suspect, Warrant, Tangent, Drone, 2 M1s, M2, and a Justice.

19 discs in there!

One thing you may have noticed in the pictures is the internal PVC frame in the main disc compartment. If it didn’t have that in it, the bag would crumple under its own weight. Don’t worry though, the PVC frame is light as can be, and doesn’t make the bag feel heavy at all. The bag, including discs feels and carries very well. It’s only when you start adding all the water bottles that any dramatic weight increase is felt. The video below shows what it takes to put the internal frame together.


I carry two Prodigy PA4 putters in the putter pouches that are on the front of the top storage compartment. They stay in snugly, and have never fallen out if my bag happens to fall over. The flap that closes the main disc compartment can be held up by the attached buckles you see in the picture below. It makes a perfect pouch to hold a large mini like the mini Buzzz, and it holds a scorecard perfectly with the pencil pocket handy there as well.



What Comes Standard

What disc golf bag would be right without a drink pocket. The Odin Disc Golf bag has one sizable drink pocket on the right side if you’re looking from the front. I have carried a 1 liter water bottle easily in it, and I would say a 40 oz Hydroflask type bottle would fit easily as well. Next to it is the stool/umbrella holder. That piece of the bag would hold a smaller umbrella fairly well, and a stool leg fits in the pocket with a piece of velcro that you can wrap around the leg of the stool or umbrella.


The left side has a good sized small storage pocket. It is perfect for keys, your phone, or your Sportsack and a small towel. It zips up so things don’t fall out of it, and if you put a zipper pull on it like I have, then it’s a quick tug to open or close. There are also 3 more pencil holders beside the pouch.

Bag Small Zipper pocket side.jpg

Now we get to the biggie! The top of the bag is one MASSIVE storage compartment. It is the width of the bag, on the front of which are the putter pouches. It doesn’t have any sort of support to it, which can make it collapse a little if you don’t have much in it. Beyond that trivial matter, it makes for a great place to store a lot of towels if you’re playing in high temps or wet weather. I’ve stuffed it full of towels and accoutrement, yet with its high placement, it doesn’t alter how well the bag feels on my back.


With access from both sides of the bag, you’ll have no problem getting to whatever you’ve stored in the top storage.


Pros and Cons

I’ll give you a short list of pros and cons that I can say about the bag after 6+ months of use.


  • Enough storage for all your discs – I have 19 mids and putters in it now, you can get more than that if you have drivers and fairways as well as a few mids and putters.
  • Plenty of towel and other accessory storage
  • Well padded on the back
  • Comfortable even when heavily laden
  • Sturdy and well built


  • Only one drink pocket – I drink a lot of water though, and it holds a really big bottle!
  • Internal frame can limit how many discs you put in it – that little bit of space the frame takes up on either side basically takes the space of a disc on each side.


Is It Worth It?

For a bag that only costs $75 plus $10 shipping, I think it is great value for the money. Comparing it to others that are close to that price, it has a lot of storage, holds a few more discs, and has putter pouches where some don’t. I love it. There isn’t any reason for me to go out and purchase anything else until it is completely worn out, and I don’t know how long that will take.


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