It occurred to me this past weekend that winter isn’t as bad as it could be. From January 10th through the 22nd, it rained 9 out of 12 days. Looking at measurements taken from around my area, it was around 3 inches worth over that period with most of it happening on the 19th as most places got around 2 inches of rain. We had a dusting of snow on the 6th. Milk and bread alert for the South!

That’s it!


All the rain kept me indoors for all but one day in the last week. The 20th was the only day I was able to throw during my lunch break. It was really humid and made me wish I could wear shorts to work. All the while, my Facebook friend Josh Hohbein is covered in snow. As you can see from the picture below, he’s not getting much outdoor putting practice done either.

That’s deep!


Biding My Time

I’ve been passing the time watching a lot of videos. Channels I don’t normally catch all the videos on have been getting a little extra attention. Another Round Productions has some great videos. Baysinger’s Disc Golf Channel shows off some not widely know talent. Here and There Disc Golf features Alabama disc golf on some nice courses. There’s also NWDG TV and San Diego Disc Golf with some good content.

Instructional videos and disc reviews are everywhere. Dynamic Discs has been doing some great stuff with Paige Pierce, Zach Melton, and the WhalePants crew. Discmania released its list of media partners, and I’ve been seeing a few videos from Jeff Korns showing the flight of the different discs. And if you’re looking for a scientific approach to knowing more about disc golf, check out Best Disc Golf Discs Youtube channel and also their website for some great stuff.


Planning The Year

In writing this blog, there hasn’t been much of a plan or any deadlines for my posts. I write as I experience things. I have found that trying to write a post a week is much harder than I thought it would be. So things got scaled back to about every two weeks, and sometimes longer between posts. For this year, I’ve come up with a couple of things I am working on.

First, I am gathering up many mids to throw. I like how mids feel in my hand. I throw mids and fairway drivers around the same distance, and when I say around the same distance, I really mean the difference is nil in distance. I already have a nice selection from the Trilogy lineup. Since I’m not sponsored, nor ever will I be, that leaves me open to find out what I might like from other manufacturers. To that notion I followed some advice from Chris of the DG Puttheads and checked out Gotta Go Gotta Throw on Ebay and found some nice discs up for auction. I snagged some and they will be the start of a series of posts on mids and how they work for me. I think it will be something those who throw primarily forehand will find relevant.

Second, I wrote earlier about plans to purchase equipment so I could film more local tournaments. PDGA sanctioned events are picking up pace in my area, and getting those local pros featured is important. Not only for them, but for the disc golf in North Mississippi. We have some quality courses, and some folks that can shred the air with plastic. And feeding off of that interest in filming more tournaments, I am working on a new series of media interviews with the lead players in disc golf media. It will be a bit more in depth and take a look at what equipment they use to bring us the great content we all love to soak in on those rainy days when we don’t want to get outside.

Taking It Easy…..Not!

Winter should be a time of alternative activities. Binging some shows on Netflix, reading a bunch of good books, playing games with the family. I do all that and more. Keeping myself busy with work around where I’m living now, my paying job, family time, the blog, and other things fill my days to no end.

My 6 year old son has been in love with the Xbox 360 he got for Christmas. Skylanders games are his favorites to play, and he’s even gotten into playing Battlefield 3 somewhat. He also love playing Pokémon : The Card Game. I take him at least once a month to the local card shop so he can play against other people than me.

Finding that balance between disc golf and family is hard. They don’t have the love of the sport that I do just yet. I’m working on them gently, but it’s just taking some time. I’m fortunate that I work just two miles from 3 courses and can hit them whenever it is nice out during my lunch break. That is usually how I get my disc golf fix in every week. I may not get a full round in, but I can certainly test some discs on the course or work on a specific shot on a hole I have trouble with.

Putting is something I still need work on, but it’s hard to do when the ground is so wet this time of year. It dries out in the summer pretty quickly, but no so much in the winter. I just have to wait til warmer weather before I hit it hard with the Perfect Putt 360 app again since it looks like a home basket is still a few months away.


Until next time, hit those Ice Bowls and Bag Tag events hard and don’t break a disc in the cold!

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