This time of year always has me reaching back to my childhood and thinking of the old Sears Wishbook. I thought that book contained all the toys in the world, and I wanted every single one of them. Fast forward twenty-five years, and the same can be said when I visit the Infinite Discs website. All of the disc golf goodies those pages contain cause the same want to have at least one of everything they sell. There are a few other non-disc golf related websites that elicit the same response.

I have so many interests. Computers, networking, filming, editing, photography, Pokemon the card game, hunting, fishing, gaming, writing, reading, and so on. Even if each day had 72 hours, I don’t feel like I could get in enough time for each to satisfy my curiosities. And for anybody who laughed a little at the Pokemon thing, I have a six year old son who loves it and we play quite often. With a young family, disc golf often takes a back seat to many things. After our recent move to live with my wife’s aunt, I have the space to create my own small private course. That won’t happen overnight, but I have plans. Thus, the wish list.

Media Wish List

The very first thing I want is my own video camera. I have borrowed a camera to film the two tournaments I’ve done. I know you have to start small and build from there, so I’ve been looking at some what most would consider as low end cameras. It’s amazing what you can get in a consumer grade camera these days.

Canon Vixia HF camera series

There are several models in this lineup that vary in only a few small features. The Canon Vixia HF R600, HF R700, HF R60, HF R70, and HF R72 are all the same camera save for certain features. The first two do not have wireless capabilites, nor do they have onboard storage. The latter three have wireless and storage of 8, 16, and 32 GB respectively. I don’t mind getting a refurbished camera either to save a little money.

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Cell Phone Gimbal

Since I joined Instagram, their video function has evolved to a pretty nice level. Doing video on my phone has been very important to all of my social media efforts. I bought a flexible mini tripod to use with my phone when I’m out on the course. It works sufficiently for filming some stuff, but I would like to be more mobile with my phone as a camera.

After looking around online at many different options on the market, I’ve settled my sights on the Glide Gear Stabilizer I found on B&Hphotovideo. It is less than a hundred dollars, doesn’t use batteries, has no motors, and seems to perform pretty well in it’s intended function.




Before I filmed the Kinetic Open Championship in Savannah, TN, I went to Walmart and purchased the inexpensive monopod they carry. For less than fifteen dollars, and in a pinch, it works just fine. Though it took some time to adjust to using it that day, I won’t be filming anything else without one. I’ll continue to use the one I have for now, but will most certainly upgrade at some point in time.

I may seem to be pointing to B&H Photo Video a lot, but they are a great website to peruse for your photography and video needs. Two monopods have a sparkle that has me gravitating towards their purchase. Both from the same manufacturer, the first is what Jomez Productions used when filming at 2016 Pro Worlds in Emporia, KS. The Manfrotto MVM500A was their choice in monopods. You pay for quality, and I bet that it is a great one. The other is the Manfrotto MVM250A, which looks like the same monopod, but without the big camera head on it. I can certainly see why Jomez Productions uses the first option, since that camera mount on top would make the operator’s life a lot easier when tracking discs.

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Shoe Bracket

I won’t spend much time on this, because frankly, shoe brackets for cameras are a dime a dozen. I like the Ziv Dual Shoe C Bracket. Inexpensive to replace should something happen to it, it will be a necessary part of my future filming setup.



External Microphone

After filming my last tournament, I got a comment on Youtube about the noise of my breathing in the audio. To resolve the  issue, I like the Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone as a solution to start with. It is a cardiod microphone, so any noise behind the mic is less likely to be picked up. Plus, it’s a great deal.



Memory Cards

Ever important is the memory card. It wasn’t long ago that SanDisk dropped news that it had created a 1 terabyte SDXC memory card. Just to put that into perspective the SanDisk 512GB Extreme Pro retails on Newegg for $315, including shipping. I would expect the 1TB version to go for at least twice that when it is released. Speed is also a factor in looking at memory cards, to learn more visit this website. You want one rated at a class 10 or higher, and the ones rated above that are termed UHC-1 and UHC-3. You’ll pay more for the faster cards as well.

So, sticking to the minimum recommended card speed I went to Newegg in search of some options at the 64GB size. PNY has a good one at around $20. Kingston is close at just under $22. The options are really endless when it comes to memory. Stick with well known brands though, as you can’t rely on an unknown maker’s quality. Kingston, Sandisk, Transcend, G.Skill, Team, PNY, and Lexar all have a good history in the memory market.

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Course Wish List

Being able to build my own personal course is one of the most exciting things I look forward to for 2017. Not only will I be able to play any time I want to, I won’t be forced to travel a long distance to play other courses. My former dwelling was but two miles from the only course in town. I’m a bit further than that now, but not by a ton, just about 4.5 miles further away.


The one thing all courses have. Period. End of story. Ok, the majority of courses have baskets. There may be some left with targets that are not baskets, but I have not been to one. I’ve looked and looked and looked and looked, and looked again. Price, durability, weight, portability, # of chains. All have been taken into account. I’ve even asked my fellow bloggers from DG Puttheads about their baskets.

I will most likely be getting the MVP Black Hole Pro basket. The price is just right to me. Starting with just one, I will end up with three total for my little course. More details on that will come in a later post. I also want to get a skinny basket to put in the backyard for practice putting. I haven’t decided between the MVP Black Hole Precision and the Dynamic Discs Marksman yet, but it will be one of those two.

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Tee Pads

The tee pads that I use will initially be just natural ones. I have looked up how the Disc Golf Park turf pads are built. They have an instructional PDF on how to do so on the Disc Golf Park website that shows how easy it is to make one. The labor to do so isn’t like hitting the copy button on your all in one machine, but I like how their turf pads are created over doing concrete pads. Dana Vicich even gave me a few tips on how they are done.


The only thing I’ll say about more discs is that I need more of my chose putter, the Prodigy PA4, with which to practice with. I was fortunate enough to snag two more recently via some trades, so I’m on the way in that department. Other discs will be few and far between. There are a few I would like to test out, but for now, I have a very good lineup in my bag.



As for my plans for 2017 as a whole, nothing much will change. Once I acquire my camera, I plan on filming more of the local tournaments in North MS. I am really excited about one opportunity though. A fellow TDGA club member is traveling to the 2017 Glass Blown Open to play in the Advanced division of that tournament. Some fortunate luck and timing and talk snagged me a seat on the trip and the fortuity to film the Advanced division lead card for the final round. I will be filming my clubbie during at least his first round, and possibly the second, though that is up in the air for now.

So what do you have on your wish list for 2017? Is it a new camera? Discs, bag, accessories? Software, laptop, desktop, or storage media? Drop me a line on what you are wanting in the comments.