2016 has been the year of bigger and better for disc golf. More money, more coverage, more live coverage, and definitely more exposure. From my perspective, the casual player and tour follower, I have had more disc golf than I am able to soak up. Not only from the major tournament coverage that I follow, but from the plethora of Youtube videos that are nothing but tournament coverage from all across the country. From all of that footage, there have been some amazing shots caught on camera.

From professionals to amateurs, I will give you my list of the Top Ten Best Disc Golf Shots of 2016.

#1 – Philo Brathwaite’s Albatross

Caught on camera by the Central Coast Disc Golf crew at the Beaver State Fling at Milo McIver State Park, it’s the shot heard round the world. Let’s just say the video went more than viral. One video sharing site, which I cannot remember at the moment, showed the view count at more than 14 million. Not to mention all the non-disc golf websites that shared the amazing shot. Enjoy that Sportcenter Top 10 moment Philo.


#2 – Ricky Wysocki USDGC Hole 17

In probably one of the sweetest moments of revenge on a hole ever, Ricky Wysocki aced Hole 17 during this years USDGC during the 3rd round. After a devastating 2015 final round Hole 17 which cost him the tournament, what better way to play the eventual last round on that hole. This shot was one of the several featured this year on ESPN’s Sportcenter Top 10.



#3 – Amy Lewis Ace – Dirty Dollar Round

Terry Miller made a trip to Alaska to film the 2016 King of the Hill tournament in Anchorage. Brian Schweberger dominated the tournament itself, but the Ace Race style event before the tournament looked to be a ton of fun. Especially so for Amy Lewis, who aced one of the holes, and did so with some tree love.


#4 – Noel Ray – Tunnel Ace at Am Worlds

While it’s not the most impressively long shot, for any amateur player, an ace is awesome. Even more so when it’s on a hole that is effectively a tunnel shot, which you can see in the video. Noel should revel in this shot being caught on film and forever immortalized on Youtube.


#5 – Paige Pierce – World Doubles Ace

Paige Pierce is a great player. 3 time World champion, tons of other accolades, and 2 time ESPN Sportcenter Top 10 ace. This year, she managed to card a 1 while teamed up with Sportcenter Top 10 good luck charm Jeremy Koling. Making the magic on Hole 10 of the Jones Park East course at 340 feet long, Big Jerm had nothing left to do after her tee shot.


#6 – tie – Nikko Locastro & Matt Dollar

With the new tour on the block, the Disc Golf Pro Tour, kicking off at the Vibram Open, one could expect some big things to happen. We got two of those big things from Nikko Locastro and Matt Dollar on Hole 8 at the Maple Hill disc golf course. A throw completely over water, I’d be sure to visit Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up a few Innova Grooves so I wouldn’t lose my beloved discs to the aqua.



What must also be remembered is that Zackeriath Johnson also aced Hole 8, but wasn’t being filmed by anybody during his round. And also during round 1, Bradley Williams aced Hole 5, and again, it wasn’t being filmed.


#8 – Paul Ulibarri re-tee throw in

A staple on the disc golf tour, Paul Ulibarri teamed with Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling for the USDGC doubles event this year. Bringing his luck to throw ins from the tee pad, Big Jerm watched Paul take care of business after they both had gone OB on their initial tee shots. Knowing you have somebody that will have your back must be an innate skill Big Jerm is blessed with.


#9 – Eric Oakley Uphill Ace

Wanting to take his shot at being a touring professional, Eric had recently left his position with Discmania to begin the tour life. Playing the Twin Falls Classic, he reached for a Dynamic Discs Truth on Hole 17. 315 feet long, and just about as uphill as you can get, he crashed chains and celebrated accordingly.


#10 – Tim McDill Ace

I wasn’t sure what round this shot was made, but after contacting the Twin Falls Classic TD, Larry Laub, I learned that they were both caught during round one. I had planned to say that Tim wasn’t going to let Mr. Putterpants take all the glory during the tournament, but it was actually the other way around.



When you are looking for disc golf videos, be a good person and watch those videos from smaller channels. Don’t forget about them, since they all want to grow big and have as much content as CCDG, Jomez, SpinTV, Smashboxx, and Prodigy. I have watched some videos from the following Youtube channels that put out some quality disc golf coverage videos.

That’s just a few of the smaller channels I subscribe to on Youtube. Let me know what shots you like. I just went with shots that had been published by themselves, and didn’t go back to videos with amazing shots during round coverage. I’m looking forward to the 2017 season and how the