It’s safe to say now that this is Ricky Wysocki‘s year. While he hasn’t had the same dominant year that McBeth had last year, he has been on a tear, playing some great disc golf. Last year, the best putter in disc golf could’ve gone to 3-5 players. Not so this year. Wysocki has proven that he is the best putter on tour, with a range of 110 feet and in.

From The Horses

What I really want to point out is the social media reactions by the fans, players, and media to this year’s Pro Worlds. Posting on Facebook and Instagram mostly, check out what the 2016 World Champions have to say, as well as several other players about their 2016 experience.

In case anyone wanted to know what winning a world title does to your outlook – check out the perma-grins that formed once I started breathing again… Think I'm now truly realizing that holding the title of World Champion was probably my biggest aspiration in life. I've always admired and respected those that worked so hard to attain the title of World Champion – regardless of the venue. I'm now fortunate enough to join their ranks, and realize first-hand, the effort, focus, determination and self-sacrifice required to reach this pinnacle. You need to be willing to turn away from and neglect things that don't "feed the goal". Maybe most important is to acknowledge that God has truly blessed me with a passion for this sport. Got to also give a shout out to team Jenkins and my friends at my home course in Medina Ohio, Roscoe Ewing, for being the first people to really believe in me. They saw something in me and fed my aspirations. They helped open my eyes to a great new world. All you folks instilled a positive sense of confidence in me throughout my amateur years. Want you all to know that I appreciate every last one of you! And finally, I want to thank my Mom & Dad and my entire family for their continued love and support. Thank you all, God bless! Ricky #sockibomb #sockibomb13 #socki #worldchampionship2016 #pdgaworlds2016 #emporiakansas #pdga #worldchampion #greatfeeling #happy #lifetime #lifetimegoal #doitforohio #clevelandcityofchampions🏆 #clevelandrocks #latitude64discs #latitude64 #dynamicdiscs

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Thank you to everyone for all the sweet congratulations messages you've been sending my way this past week! It feels incredible to win my 4th world title, and honestly it's still soaking in. Since my last World Championship win in 2009, I have been in the hunt and even had 2 titles in my grasp only to take second place on the very last hole. These last two years, I've actually missed the final nines when there was once a time where that almost felt like a given. I continued to compete each weekend to win but every year it's been more difficult to get back to it and find the drive. At the same time, it has been incredible to witness the competition grown bigger and stronger every year pushing me to keep up. To win this year's Worlds it took all the mental power I could manage. Before every putt, every upshot, and every drive I would tell myself to "believe" and the confidence came flooding in. I'm not sure if you could see it in the final 9, but I couldn't help but "believe", relax, and smile before I released every shot even through the nerves. It felt amazing, after all these years of being so close to winning or feeling defeated, to feeling so confident and determined to win again. Mission accomplished. 😀 Thank you to my family, my biggest supporters through it all each and every year. Cheers all! #DiscGolf #Val4rieJenkin5 #2016ProWorlds

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Eric McCabe post the following to his Facebook page. I wasn’t able to embed the post, but I was able to copy and paste it here for you to read.

Well another World Championships complete and while my opinion may be a biased one, this was the best one to date. Huge shoutout to Dynamic Discsfor raising the bar and paying the players for their titles! MPO and FPO Champions took home close to double what past winners received.

I’m happy with my performance this year. Finishing in the top 10 was a goal of mine and I accomplished that feat with a 9th place finish.

Thanks to the City of Emporia, aka Disc Golf, USA for helping make this event a reality and a success! Without them this event wouldn’t be possible. Thank you for helping make my dreams come true.

Emporia Country Club, HUGE shoutout to ECC and all the members of the Club. Thank you for closing your Golf Course for an entire week for a bunch of disc golfers to take over! Let that soak in DGers…

Jolly Dougster – Doug goes above and beyond for the players. Well organized, innovative and prepared for anything you throw at him. The past world Champions autograph signing was his bright idea, and it was a success! Mr. Bjerkaas for 2016 TD of the year!

Professional Disc Golf Association – Thank you for allowing us(DD) to do what we do.

Jeremy Rusco – Thank you for sharing the same vision as I do. Your endless support has not gone unnoticed, and your passion for growing the sport is second to none.

Congratulations to all the winners.
Ricky, it was an honor to witness the first of many World titles you’re going to win.
Valarie, it was awesome to watch you capture your 4th and truly inspirational! The crew at the radio studio called it the “KVOE bump” 😉
Johne, I have to admit, I teared up a bit when you won your championship. It was well deserved.
Ron, well done! Pretty cool to see a fellow teammate finish on top!

Finally thanks to everyone that supported me with well wishes all week, and those who came out followed me around the course. Special thanks to Kevin Shaffer for caddying all week, you kept me positive when things could’ve gone south.
Denise, thanks for all your support and positive thoughts all week, and believing in me always. Love you.
Last, but certainly not least Thanks to my sponsors for always believing in me, Dynamic Discs for supplying me with quality plastic and Crispin Carrascowith Handeye Supply for the weirdness!


This from Paige Pierce, the 3x World Champion –

Worlds… Always an exhausting week, and this year probably topped it when you add in the hundred degree heat! I feel like there is so much to say and so many people to thank. The super supportive city of emporia and the country club owners and members and the dedicated and passionate DD crew made this worlds so successful. Everyone involved truly had their own role and it couldn’t have came together with out the team work that they showed. Eric McCabe, my coach, mentor, big brother, best friend… You are amazing and I am so thankful for you AND happy/proud of you.

Beth Cline and Shane Cline thank you for being amazing as always and letting me intrude on your marriage for two weeks! And Jackie Mo, sweet child of mine ❤️.

Marshall Blanks and Madison Anne Walker my loves.. Thank you for putting up with me at my highs and lows.

Terry Miller and smashboxx, and Marty Gregwah y’all are changing our sport for the better with amazing LIVE footage. Thanks for all the hard work. My family really loves being able to watch when they aren’t here and this week when they were able to be here they still love the coverage!

Valarie Doss, again, super happy for you. Tried to catch you after that 7 but you took that 4 stroke swing and not only held it but increased it. Teeing first on the island hole and going for it was something very out of character and just showed “how bad you want it.” It is yours rightfully so and hopefully so is the Innova Starfire 😜.

I’m out, block party time.



***Worlds Recap!*** Had a great time in Emporia this past week at the PDGA World Championships! 5 tough rounds in the Heat and Wind made for a grind of a tournament. I was extremely lucky to have my friend Chris Smith on my bag the entire trip. Chris's focus and determination to help me was so impressive and I'm truly thankful for his effort. With Chris on my side I never shot a round over par and managed a 36th place finish out of the 158 player field. My best Worlds finish to date, beating last years finish by 22 spots! This week was smooth and comfortable thanks to my amazing Sponsors! Westside Discs, Fossa Disc Golf, Handeye Supply Co and MD Disc Golf have been by my side all year and I'm lucky to have their support. A great big thanks and shout out to my Dad and Fossa Disc Golf for sponsoring our house for the week! And Thanks to everyone for following all me and all of my adventures! #discgolf #2016proworlds #westsidediscs #handeyesupplyco #fossadiscgolf #mddiscgolf #slingerdg

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This photo explains it all. This is my life. They are my world. Nothing else matters ❤️. The 2016 World Championships was an incredible experience. I trained hard and never fatigued. I threw some great shots and putted better than usual. I fell short mentally. I knew I needed to play smart and non aggressive to win and it was too difficult for me to do when I started off 2 rounds so strong. Having my daughter caddying for me all week and my boys and parents by my side cheering me on created memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to everyone who supported me along the way!!! Dynamic Disc, the city of Emporia and all the volunteers put in all the hard work to make this an amazing championship! Congrats to all the World champions this year!!! All were so well deserved!!! Thank you Innova Champion Discs and Grip EQ to supplying me with what it takes to win! The kids and I can't wait til next year!!! ❤️🏆❤️🏆 #discgolf #discgolf4women #trainhard #dedicated #emporia #2016proworlds #noregrets #memories #family #myworld @innovadiscs @discmaniadiscs @gripeq @cellucor @bolthousefarms @zipfizz @makaayyla_alllen

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What I see consistently is an appreciation of what disc golf is allowing these people to do year round. Yes, there is competition. Yes, there are rivalries. I can’t say that there is bad blood between anybody, though I wouldn’t bet against some from time to time. Take a good look at the well wishing between the players and think what it would be like were the folks not so friendly with each other. I see a big group of people who think of themselves as an extended family that crosses the lines of sponsors, states, and even countries.


I watched the majority of the live coverage provided by SmashboxxTV, and it was a great production. It was a great production all week long. I can’t say for certain, but I think they didn’t have all of the spots they used during their last Pro Tour coverage, yet they managed to keep things going all the same. Terry’s commentary, aided by Robert McCall, Dixon Jowers, and others, provided a great dialogue each day. The one day that they split from the FPO  mid-round and took the main coverage to the MPO side was a step up in coverage. Having the ability to switch between the two and have the commentators catch the viewers up on the action brought something that the live coverage has been missing for a while.

Dynamic Discs and crew has always put forth a great media effort with their major tournaments. People rag on Dixon from time to time about silly things, but he’s got a substantial amount of knowledge about disc golf, and is fun to listen to. Robert has a legion of talent behind the mic and in front of the camera as well. I’d like to see and hear him more often doing some off the course disc golf work with Smashboxx when he can.


A Note on Upcoming Content…

I’m putting together a short series about disc golf sponsorship. It’s aimed at answering some of the timeless questions about how a player gets sponsored, what support they get, and the goals of the sponsors. It may be a few more weeks before the first one is posted, as I thought about this just a couple weeks before Worlds. You’ll want to read it…….