These last few weeks have been exhausting. Between work, family, and disc golf, I haven’t had a lot of free time to do much writing. I spent one whole Saturday filming a tournament in Savannah, TN, which you’ve seen me post about multiple times the month before the event took place. My girls have been playing fastpitch softball after the Parks season finished as well, so I’ve been helping to coach that. I won’t get into work since I’m in IT, and I would put many people to sleep doing so.

Editor’s Note

Editing video is a lot of work. After filming the Kinetic Open Championship in Savannah, TN, I’ve been putting in a lot of time on my computer. I heard Terry Miller say once that having more than five people on a card makes editing take a lot longer, and he wasn’t kidding. But, I’m powering through, and after some rest over the weekend, I’m almost done with the back nine of the first round.

I would like to give a note of thanks to all the disc golfers I filmed. They were all professionals and took the time to thank me for filming. Getting to watch the best players in my region is something awesome. Watching the occasional tree hits also warmed my heart, as it let me feel all the much closer to them since I experience that a lot more than they do. TD Dustin Morris put on a great event and I would gladly film another of his tournaments.


Amateur’s Note

I finally got to put my club tag back in play when I played my first mini of the year this past Thursday. I got to play with a local pro, Robby Harris. The mini was held at Music Bend DGC in Tupelo, MS, and I had a blast. I hit a lot of trees, missed a few birdie putts, and generally played horrible. I didn’t care though. Being out throwing things at things (;-),;-) Disc Golf Podcast) was enough for me. I was completely soaked with sweat afterwards due to the humidity, but it was worth it.


I’ve never claimed to be a good disc golfer, or even an ok one, but I think I hurt myself during that round. Not physically, but mentally, and more specifically – disc selection. I had my new Odin Disc Golf backpack bag full of discs. It was full of all my usual throwers, plus some that I don’t normally carry but like to throw as well. While I gravitated to my normal selection of discs, I think the options got in my head a little. So, yesterday when I went out to my home course to get a few holes in, I grabbed my Infinite Discs small bag, put some discs in, and managed to shoot +2 over 7 holes.


Special Note

Some of you may have seen my posts from Saturday about finding myself in a local magazine. I just wanted to say that it was the most surprising thing in the past couple of weeks that has happened. Check out the pictures below, and if you want to check out the magazine in digital form, just follow this link to see for yourself.

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