The roll away. One of the more feared results of a throw in disc golf. I have had a few disheartening rolls since I started playing. If they don’t go out of bounds, then they usually leave you in a worse position than you started with. The legend of Sisyphus comes to mind for this subject, as he has to continually roll the boulder to the top of the hill. I have put together a short list of roll aways in disc golf that make your stomach twist and feeling like you had made the shot yourself.

Enjoy the videos and if you know of others that are equally epic, leave a link in the comments below.

An epic roll away from the world # 1 player, Paul McBeth, at the 2014 European Masters. Even though it happened on his drive, it is the longest I’ve ever seen.


From just recently, at the 2016 Texas State Championships, Cam Todd’s putt takes a roll into a nasty position.


From the Final Round of the 2016 Nick Hyde Memorial in Rockwall, Texas. Simon Lizotte has one of the most unfortunate roll aways I’ve ever seen.


Derek Billings is forever immortalized by Terry Miller with his own vlog clip of a terrible time he had on a hole at the 2015 Halloween Classic. With the basket perched on top of a large mound, it seems certain that Derek wasn’t the only one bedeviled by the hole.


From the 2016 Magic City Mega Bowl in Birmingham, Alabama, Prodigy Disc sponsored Jason Light suffers a nasty rollaway on Hole 9 of the Inverness DGC. It looks initially like it’s going a long way down, but he gets a good break with only a mildly long comebacker.