Looking back at the weekend that was the 2016 Vibram Open at Maple Hill, it is sobering to see what that course can do to the best players in the world. Seeing the lines carved through those woods was amazing the majority of the time. Then there were the mere mortal moments when the plastic slammed into a tree and kicked in a random direction. I felt the pain of those tree kicks, and exulted in the great throws that were featured on ESPN’s Sportscenter Top 10.

With guys like Steve Hill of Ultiworld Disc Golf and Zach Parcell of All Things Disc Golf having a great rapport with many of the top names in disc golf, they are able to get in touch with players and other movers and shakers and deliver quality quotes and thoughts. I dream of one day being able to do this myself. For now, I’ll take what I can get from the pros via their social media outlets.


Coby Guice


Chris Dickerson


Catrina Allen

The Vibram Open is over and I took second by 1 stroke! I am not happy with the finish because I finished every round upset because I was not mentally strong through bad kicks and missed putts. Although I never gave up, I felt I that I was just not as patient and focused as I have been this year! So losing by one stroke is tough. I will just take this loss as a learning experience and some confidence that even when I'm not playing my best that I'm still in the hunt! I want to thank @drew_gibson @dh33504 and @1uli for the laughs and good times! Although I was not in the best moods about my rounds these dorks had me laughing anyways! I head back to Europe tomorrow. I am extremely excited to see all my Euro friends and family! #prodigydisc #competitivewomen #dgpt #rickaroons #womensdiscgolf #vibramopen

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Paul Ulibarri



Kyle Webster


Maple Hill Merry

Almost all the merry will certainly be claimed by Paige Pierce and Bradley Williams. Paige is certainly happy to get back to winning an NT event, after finishing second to Catrina Allen in all the other NT events so far. Mr. Williams has been playing stellar golf this year. Including the Vibram Open, he has won 8 out of 11 PDGA events he’s played in this year.

The rest of the merry certainly goes to the four competitors who scored an ace on the first day of competition. Matt Dollar, Nikko Locastro, and Zackeriath Johnson all carded a 1 on Hole 8, while the winner Bradley Williams aced Hole 5. While two of them weren’t caught on film to my knowledge, the Dollar and Locastro aces were featured on ESPN’s Sportscenter Top 10. SBNation also had a short article about the aces published as well.

Terry Miller shared his video of Locastro’s ace on his Youtube Channel. Watch it below.


Matt Dollar’s caddy, Al Leighton, managed to capture his ace, which was shared by the Disc Golf Pro Tour’s Instagram account.


Maple Hill Misery

For many on the course, the trees probably felt like the mechanical monsters in the maze that is central to the Maze Runner books. Lurking in sight and deadly in their own right, for myself, they have become my nemisis and were the same for many pros. Kicking every which way, being off the fairway at Maple Hill certainly makes for a long day of rough golf. And I haven’t even mentioned the water that is a danger on many holes.

Hole 14 for me would be extremely dangerous were I to tee off from the Gold tees. Take a look at the statistics for that one hole.

Hole 14 Stats
Stats courtesy of Udisc from Round 4

Hats off to the guys over at Udisc and the Disc Golf Pro Tour for putting together these amazing stats premiering at the Vibram Open. Visit http://www.udisclive.com to take a look at all the statistics for your favorite players and for each hole on the course.

I watched the first round until sometime after Hole 14. I saw Jeremy Koling crank his drive hard, which never saw the fade he wanted, and it sailed into the water. I just thought, well, that’s probably where I’d land if I were there. It brings to mind this picture I saw on Instagram of all the discs pulled from the ponds on the Maple Hill property.


It was such a blast seeing all the social media posts from everybody. The PDGA, Vibram Open, and all the staff and vounteers did such an amazing job this past weekend. I can’t wait to see how everything goes at the next Disc Golf Pro Tour event, the Silver Cup in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Sadly, I’ll miss out on the Saturday action as I’ll be filming an event in Savannah, TN on July 9th.


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