Fun. Three little letters that can have such a huge bearing on how we experience almost anything. Apply that one word to things such as work, driving, sports, hobbies, and it can change not only your memories of each one, but your attitude as well. Making anything fun is not hard, especially when it comes to disc golf. 

How do I make disc golf fun?

I’m glad you asked that question. Knowing the basics of disc golf is imperative to making a casual round fun. If you are playing disc golf, then the basic rules of the game are all that is needed. Throw the majority of the PDGA rule book out the window at this moment, because we are wanting to have fun. Trying to follow every rule that is on the books will take the fun out of the game.

Disclaimer : I’m only talking about playing a fun casual round, not a tournament round. A tournament round should be all business, with a dash of fun since you are playing disc golf.

If you go out to play a round, how often are you tracking your score? I’d bet it is almost every time you play. I used to do the same thing. Udisc is the best app for keeping score in disc golf in my opinion, and was heavily used my first year of play. It has great features, is easy to use, and makes keeping score a breeze compared to pencil and paper. I even bought the app so I could access all of the features. The Scoreband is also a great way of keeping score for a round. I wish I had one at times, and am glad I don’t most of the time.

Fun Rule #1

Put that Scoreband or your smartphone up and do not get it out during the round(s)!!!

The number of times that looking at a score on any given hole has ruined an otherwise good fun round for me is high. I contemplate what I did on that hole. Beat myself up over making a mistake and thus enabling more mistakes on later holes. Keeping score has a detrimental effect on having fun during a round of disc golf.

Thus, you must accept the challenge to just play the course. Score be damned!!! I’m out there to have fun. Try out a forehand roller from a bad position, or just for the heck of it to see how the shot will work. Throw a grenade, thumber, tomahawk, or whatever you want to try out. Pick out a tree as a mando, or see how far you can hyzer your Destroyer out around some trees.

I had an interesting conversation about this on Twitter. Check it out.


Fun Rule #2

Bring a pal, a friend, a buddy, a roommate, your kid, your wife, your girlfriend!!

I have played a lot of solo rounds in just two short years of disc golf. I used to work from home and had Mondays off. After taking the kids to school, I would head to the course for a round or two, or three, depending on where I was playing. If I played my hometown course, I usually had it to myself besides the few walkers and joggers on the track that winds through the park.

When I went to Tupelo, MS,  I had a friend that would join me for a couple of rounds at Ballard Park. That course is fairly easy, with only one or two holes over 300 feet. They were fun days, and though we kept score, it was not so much about who had the best round as it was about both of us throwing good shots and making putts. We encouraged each other on bad throws, kept positive when trees jumped in the way of our discs, and talked about random stuff.

Family #discgolf

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If you don’t have a significant other, friend who plays, or young’un that wants to play with you, look for your nearest club. I knew about mine fairly quickly, and played a few minis before I finally joined up. Facebook groups help a lot. Post when you want to play, and you are more than likely to get a playing partner for the round. The world is full of disc golfers. Something like 73.2% of people in the United States play disc golf. ***

Fun Rule #3

Play a game within the game of disc golf. Make up some ground rules before you start the round. Don’t throw the same type of shot consecutively. Use a different putting stance than you normally use. The options are endless when it comes to making a game within a game.

One I’ve seen, but haven’t used is called Ript. It is a card game for disc golf. Check out their website for more information. There was another one I saw that used a spinner similar to the one used in the game Twister. I don’t remember the name of it, but there was a video clip of how it is played out there on the internets.


What makes it fun for you?

We do a lot of things in our off time. My kids play city park league ball, love to fish, swim like fish, and many other things. Getting them interested in disc golf is hard enough with all the other things they could be doing. Even for myself, it’s hard to enjoy a round sometimes. Keeping the fun in something isn’t always easy.

So how do you make it fun?