In my last post, the difficulties of playing the sport I love were pondered and discussed. My game needs work, to which I have dedicated myself to working on it whenever possible. I just posted another video of one of my most recent putting sessions on Youtube. I was practicing circle’s edge putts during that session, and had some good results. My elbow was hurting for some odd reason that day and it affected me somewhat the farther away from the basket I got.

What makes me want to better my game? Why does the course call to me as I drive by?

It is an addiction!

Yes, that’s right. Step 1 made. Admit you are addicted. To disc golf. A game. A sport.

My wife doesn’t understand what drives me to want to play disc golf so much. I repeatedly hear, “All you want to do is play disc golf.” And it’s true. I have a problem with sitting still and doing nothing when the weather is nice.

The Material Things

Everybody that plays disc golf has their story about how they got hooked. In truth, being addicted to disc golf is not all about wanting to get out and play. There is more to disc golf than just discs. Bags are a topic that could and have been debated hotly across the internet. My own bag has changed several times.

I started out with a simple nylon bag that I got for subscribing to a magazine a few years ago. Then as I got a few more discs, I used an old lunchbox that had a hard plastic liner. I finally got my first true disc golf bag from Infinite Discs, their large bag with straps for Christmas in 2014. I then got a Nutsac single bag from a Disc Golf Show giveaway. Later on, due to wanting a small bag with a drink holder, the Infinite Discs small bag arrived at my door.

Plastic wants aside, I have been relatively frugal when it comes to buying discs. My few purchases in the last six months have mostly been when the Dynamic Discs RV has been in town for a 2 Disc Challenge. Picking up more Trilogy plastic in their Frost/Fluid/Elasto line is one addiction of mine. The premium durability with the softness of a flexible plastic is right up my alley. Beyond that, I’m always looking to pick up another Prodigy PA4, which is my putting putter, to add to the practice stack.

Those two categories finished, I constantly look at apparel & accessories. As a fluffy guy, I have to get larger sizes in apparel, which can be hard to find. Thus, my disc golf apparel is very limited. Just three shirts to speak of. One from Infinite Discs, one from Tribaloid, and one tournament shirt I got when I played my first one. I have one dirt bag from Dynamic Discs. A great product for helping with grip in not ideal conditions, it gets heavy use when it gets really hot here in Mississippi.

Purchasing disc golf items just isn’t enough. There’s the players packs you get when playing a tournament. Some are simple, maybe just a disc and a shirt. Some are great, like the one below that a fellow TDGA club member posted receiving at The Amateur Championships at Bowling Green. Then some are outstanding, like the ones at Glass Blown Open and the Ledgestone Insurance Open every year. I have only played in one tournament so far, but hopefully that number will increase later on this year.

The Immaterial Things

Time. A finite commodity. Never enough of it, and what we do have could be cut short at any time in any way. To the disc golfer, it normally means “when do I get off?”, “are we in Daylight Savings Time or not”, “who can play a round with me?”, and indefinite other questions about when, where, and what time to play.

When I think about time, it’s more about how much time can I spend with my wife and kids. I have two girls, 11 and soon to be 10, and a son, 6. They want to do stuff with me, and don’t want me gone all the time. So how can I spend time with them and incorporate disc golf?

That is a very hard question to answer. My wife isn’t fond of disc golf. It might be due to there not being a beginner level course in our area. For a true beginner and kids, I think that if we had a course with holes ranging from 100 to 150 feet long, there could be a greater involvement from women and younger kids. I know that going from throwing 50 to 100 feet at the start to 200 feet probably won’t take long for most people, but that shorter course can also help anybody keep good form using only putters.

Back on topic. Finding the time to do things is hard in the day of “now, now, now.” We all want to throw 500 feet and birdie every hole on the course. If you don’t take the time to practice and build muscle memory of the proper way to throw, then time is wasted. Kind of like that time you sat down and watched Blades of Glory. You’ll never get that wasted time back.

PDGA schedule
One screen’s worth of PDGA events from this coming weekend!!!

The Important Things

I like to think that I will one day be able to play disc golf whenever I want to, and that will probably happen when I’m eligible for the Grandmasters division. At present, I will have to take what I can get. One round every couple of weeks with some putting practice at lunch time thrown in is ok with me. For now.

My children are young. Life has a way of throwing curveballs at you when you least expect them. Writing about disc golf continues to be something important to me. And while life is volatile, I have a few constants to count on, my wife, my kids, church, and disc golf.