Part Deux. Not usually the best movies. Think Hot Shots, Tremors, Bill and Ted, and many more. Correction, both of the Bill and Ted movies were good like the Will Ferrell/Mark Wahlberg combination has been for a few movies. Moving on.

We’ve reached the drivers portion of what is in my bag. Like the putters and mid-ranges, the pickings are slim since I have moved to my small bag. Truthfully, every disc in my bag comes from Latitude 64 or Dynamic Discs with the exception of my putting putter. Why? Mainly due to the feel of the plastic. Call me fanboy if you must, but the Fluid/Frost/Elasto plastic is so awesome to me.

Here in Mississippi, a lot of the courses are wooded. On top of being wooded, they are mostly either pine or oak, and the bark is rough on base plastic. The kicks from stiffer premium plastic like Innova Champion and Dynamic Discs Lucid can be hard and long. The flexibility and forgiveness of the Fluid/Frost/Elasto blend is what I think helps a lot when playing in those woods.

On to the discs.

My Drivers

I am lumping all of these discs into the same category, because honestly I should be sticking with my mids and putters.

First up is my Dynamic Discs Fluid Escape. A staple in my bag since the first 2 Disc Challenge I attended, this disc is not super overstable. I have been able to turn it over on a forehand sometimes, but usually only when my form is massively off. Soft kicks and lots of forgiveness in the plastic make it one of my favorites of all time.

168g Dynamic Discs Fluid Escape


A newbie to my bag is the Latitude 64 Frost Saint. Picked up from the Dynamic Discs RV the same time as I got the Fluid Truth, it has been seldom used since it is so new. But, I’m learning it as well, and the Frost Line plastic is nice.

173g Latitude 64 Frost Saint


Another newbie to the bag yet scarcely used disc is the Latitude 64 Opto River. My choice of disc as part of playing the start of the year club bag tag rounds, it sits in my bag for the now warmer weather and dryer ground. Another wet winter kept me inside most weekends, so disc golf has been just a fleeting wish until the last couple of weeks. It hasn’t seen much use as a result, though it will see much more use as the weather improves during Spring.



My next is used for forehand rollers, and is pretty good for it too. I’m talking about the Dynamic Discs Fuzion Renegade. I haven’t mastered it for air shots yet since I throw forehand ninety percent of the time, but as a roller disc, it’s my go to. The Fuzion plastic is very grippy, though not as much as Fluid in my opinion. Still, a quality disc that gets used more often than I’d like to use it.

174g Dynamic Discs Fuzion Renegade

The last disc in my bag was only released last year. It’s the Dynamic Discs Fluid Moonshine Freedom. Again, it is a 2 Disc Challenge pickup from a few months ago. I had to wait a few weeks before I could throw it due to it raining every weekend, and my home course holds water like a Goretex shoe full of water and tipped just enough for the water to trickle out. I know being a high speed driver helps on the distance end, but dang it flew better than other high speed drivers I’ve tried in the past.

172g Dynamic Discs Fluid Moonshine Freedom

Well, there you have it. My current bag setup. I know that it’s jam packed with ten different molds, but that’s ok. I have been learning how to throw each disc, and can make them do just about anything I want. Discs change often for most of us amateurs, enough so that we have such a large selection to choose from that we can often hurt our game by changing things out to often. That’s why I’m keeping what I have as long as possible this year.

I’ll update how each disc is performing for me as the year goes on. Look for videos on my Youtube channel as well, as that aspect of creating all things disc golf related keeps growing for me. I work on putting a lot during my lunch breaks, as evidenced by the two putting videos I have created.

Disc golf has created a huge thing for me by writing this blog, all my social media accounts, and the connection with other disc golfers online and locally. I enjoy all of it, and hope that my writing strikes a chord with all who read and follow me online. Thanks to all who have read a blog post, tweet, Facebook post, Instagram post, and now my Youtube videos. I wouldn’t be where I am today without disc golf and this blog.