Going back to the the idea of simplification, I have temporarily retired my large bag. Not only does my back love this, so has my disc golf game. Using my Infinite Discs Small Bag, I have narrowed down the discs I use to around 10. While I have a growing collection of discs, one issue that pops up often is I only have one of each mold.



There are so many to choose from these days and more being released each year. It makes for a hard decision. Chris and Rodney over at the Disc Golf Putt Heads do a great job of reviewing putters. A while back we both did a review of the Prodigy Discs PA4, which is my putting putter. Check out their review by clicking here.This putter feels great in my hand, which is important to just about everything in disc golf. I mean, we would not have many of the discs we do were it not for looking for a certain feel to a disc.

173g Prodigy 400 PA4

It’s a great understable putter. I don’t throw it off the tee or for upshots. For that aspect of my game, I use the Dynamic Discs Fluid Warden. I first fell in love with the Warden after my first 2 Disc Challenge. I picked a Classic Soft one then, and afterwards, I wanted one in a premium plastic but with the same flexibility. It took a while, but when the Fluid version came out, I had the disc I had been wishing for.

176g Dynamic Discs Fluid Warden

That’s it for putters. I don’t have many in the bag. Sure, I have tested others out, like the Element Discs Iridium, though none have the characteristics that I find appealing in the Warden.



Here is where I was missing out big time up until last October. Having never really used mid-rang discs, there was a hole in my game. Which was revealed to me when I got a mail call one day with a Dynamid Discs Lucid Suspect. I received it in a giveaway by Dynamic Discs after they put out their “Is This Disc Right For You?” video in which they picked two random winners of the discs used in the video.

171g Dynamic Discs Lucid Suspect


Another mid-rang disc that I have fallen in love with is the Dynamic Discs Lucid Warrant. Another 2 Disc Challenge pickup, it’s a fantastic understable mid. On my favorite course, there are a couple of holes that are short at 180 feet or less and require a touch turnover or forehand shot. The Warrant lets me throw a RHBH turnover with little effort. A RHFH turnover shot is fairly easy as well. It also great for forhand rollers.

178g Dynamic Discs Lucid Warrant


Last, but not least, is my new baby, the Dynamic Discs Fluid Truth. Again, another 2 Disc Challenge pickup, though I didn’t get to play the day the RV was in town when I picked up this disc. Since that day, I have come to enjoy the flight of this disc. For me, it will go straight as an arrow for a ways, then fade at the end.

178g Dynamic Discs Fluid Truth



Well, that’s half of what I carry in my bag at the moment. Which bag am I using you ask? Certainly. It is the Infinite Discs Small Bag, which I purchased through Amazon near the first of the year. It holds 8-10 discs in the main compartment, and you can shoehorn two putters in the front pocket if need be. The drink holder will fit a 1 liter soda bottle or 32 oz Gatorade/Powerade drink. It is a little prone to tipping over with a full drink, but nothing will spill out when the bag is full.

I was carrying the Infinite Discs Large Bag with shoulder straps, but the fully loaded weight and selection I had with all the discs was just to much. I have committed to slimming things down and learning a few discs well. My game has already improved. Check back next week to see the fairway/control drivers and distance drivers I use.


What are you doing to improve your game? Carrying fewer molds? More field work? Let me know in the comments below, or on Facebook & Twitter.