And now we are at number 5 in the disc golf media series. This week, I bring you the thoughts of Jomez Productions. One of the finest crews walking the courses, and creating some amazing videos for us to consume on those rainy, cold, wet, or snowed in days. 

Traveling across the country, Jomez Productions has filmed and published just about every major disc golf tournament. There may be a few they have not visited, but I am willing to bet the list of places they have not been to and want to visit is much shorter than the list of places they have been.

No more dawdling!! To the interview!!!


As one of the premier videography teams in disc golf, what do you get out of providing disc golf video coverage for us who don’t travel the country playing in tournaments?

First off, thank you for the kind words and for the opportunity to participate in your interview! I went to school for video production, and have been playing disc golf for about 10 years. Once I realized that I could combine the two I was excited to explore the possibilities. Like most fans, I love watching disc golf almost as much as I love playing. I enjoy having the opportunity to provide a way for disc golf fans all over the world to watch our sport’s best compete. One of my favorite things is meeting people all over the country who go out of their way to tell us how much they enjoy watching our coverage. It makes the long hours and low pay totally worth it.


I’ve seen your coverage of events from all parts of the country. Which event(s) would you film every year even if you had no support from the event or any sponsors?

I’d have to say I would definitely return to Emporia, Kansas for the Glass Blown Open every year. Every disc golf fan should go at least once. The whole town goes all out for disc golf. Everyone from breweries, to churches to chocolate shops gets involved to make disc golfers feel welcomed. Dynamic Discs puts on a great event every year, and the courses are top-notch. I would also return to the USDGC every year. I’ve only been once, and I can’t wait to go back. It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to film the top pros on the iconic Winthrop Gold course.
Looking at the amount of video coverage for 2015, what event that you were filming had the best media package? (i.e. different cards being recorded, little confusion about who was filming where when multiple courses were used, etc.)

I had a pretty good experience at most of the tournaments we covered, but I would say the Ledgestone Open in Peoria, IL was the most organized as far as media delegation. Some of the courses were 20 minutes apart, but we always knew exactly what courses and cards we were covering ahead of time.


I’ve been amazed at the 3D hole previews that were introduced this year. What is your background in arts and media? Does it include any formal training such as an arts degree from a university or going to an arts institute, or is everything you’re doing just self-taught?

Thanks, but I can’t really take any credit for the 3D stuff. I wanted to introduce something new to our coverage this season. I had never seen anyone do any kind of course maps in 3D, and thought it was worth a shot to see how people would respond. Michael, the other half of Jomez Productions, has a background in 3D design. For the most part he has always been self-taught, and his work is amazing. I can just explain an idea to him, and he can bring it to life better than I could ever hope to. We’ve received very good feedback so far, and we hope to keep improving our techniques as we move forward.


What is your favorite event to cover?

I don’t think I could pick just one. Every event we cover is either an opportunity to reconnect with old friends, or meet new people. The entire disc golf community has been so great to us. Everywhere we go, people are so welcoming and make us feel at home. There’s nothing quite like the disc golf family, and we’re proud to be a part of it.



Again, super mega thanks to Johnathan Gomez for taking the time to answer the questions for the interview.

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