Last week, the guys over at Disc Golf Putt Heads posted a picture of a disc being held up and all black. You couldn’t see any distinguishing marks or colors about the disc. They posed a question in the post, asking which recently reviewed disc was being held up. Being the knowledge hungry person that I am, I set my mouse to clicking over to their website to look at the recent putter reviews.

The Hunt

Having recently reviews several putters, I went through them all. There was the Reptilian DG Scale, the Reptilian DG Serpent, the Discraft Roach, and the Element Discs Iridium. All of these had been posted since the new year began. Looking for pictures of the putters from a rim perspective, I perused their website, the /r/discgolf site, and others that had recently reviewed all of these discs. I came to a decision and posted my guess as to which disc it was.

The Triumph

As you can infer from the title, I chose correctly.

I was elated just to know I had picked the correct disc. I am usually horrible at choosing discs. The go left, they go harder left, I turn it over, I turn it way the heck over. I hadn’t heard much about Element Discs, but was seeing the occasional posts on Instagram about their new putter from Reptilian Disc Golf like this one.


The Delight

What stunned me was the response from Element Discs. A short time later, they tagged me in a tweet to send them my mailing info and they would send an Iridium my way. Never procrastinating when it comes to free plastic, I sent them my info right away. What felt like an eternity later, they said thanks, and one would be on its way that week. I think their discs are gaining some popularity, as evidenced by this Instagram post.


The Sensation

I absolutely love getting new discs. The Latitude 64 Opto River I picked up at my club bag tag challenge is a sweet disc. I had head so many good things about it, and couldn’t help but grab it when I saw it. I took it out on the course with me that day and used it a couple of times. The first throw was the sweetest. It came out of my hand perfectly, rotating smooth and heading towards the basket. Thirty feet later a stupid pine tree jumped in front of it and knocked it down. I will enjoy that disc the more I play, since I have already used it since that day to my delight.

Looking at the Element Discs Iridium, it does have a slight thumb track on it. It is hardly noticeable as your thumb sits in it perfectly to help align your grip on the disc. I have been keeping it within arms reach since it arrived in the mailbox. The grip of the disc is amazing. I would compare it to the Discraft Pro D plastic but with a more chalky feel to it. And what they can do with plastic these days is breathtaking, just take a look at my sample.


The Jackpot

Jackpot!! It is how I feel whenever I buy or receive a new disc. The plastic just fascinates me until I can get out and throw it a few rounds. I never know what will make it into my bag. Sitting where ever I am at home, that new disc is close by or in hand being tossed in the air to get used to the feel of it. I don’t know what exactly causes it, but the feeling of holding that new plastic never really leaves, simply because there will be another disc coming along to refresh my plastic fascination.


What disc have you gotten lately that you just can’t put down? Does this fascination extend beyond plastic to anything disc golf related for you? Let me hear your plastic fascination stories in the comments.