And I’m back with the third installment in my disc golf media interview series. As the title indicates, this time I have Bobby “Cool Daddy Slick Breeze” Brown, the media director for Dynamic Discs. Having formerly covered disc golf tournaments, his role in disc golf media has certainly changed quite a bit. 

If you follow the Dynamic Discs channel on Youtube, then you’ve been missing some great and some funny videos. The “Disc Golf is Life” series is a video meme series planting disc golf terms in some hilarious situations. There is the “Is This Disc Right For You?” segments, which feature a pro and an amateur or slower arm speed player throwing each disc from the Dynamic Discs lineup. The Rule Q & A videos provide great explanations of common rule concerns.

Now on to the questions and a peek into the mind of Bobby Brown.


I love seeing the “Is This Disc Right for You?” videos each week as they’re released. Was there any one moment that set in motion that video series, if not, what got the ball rolling? What do you like most about it?

Our “Is This Disc Right for You?” series has been very popular and it is great to see people learning more about our discs from these videos. The idea came to me from doing our Disc Golf Answer Man podcast. For this podcast we have people send in questions and 2010 World Champion Eric McCabe answers them. After a few months of doing the show I noticed that a lot of new players were asking advice about discs that Eric and I thought were too much of disc for them. We started realizing that some people were buying discs because the top pros were throwing them and then became dissatisfied at the results. We knew we need to promote our discs in such a way so that people of all levels could be better informed about our discs. I like that we are able to help people make better decisions when it comes to which discs they should try out.


The “Disc Golf is Life” series is very funny and one I hope to see for a long time. What parts of making those videos is the easiest and hardest? Do you script it out completely or let it just happen and see how they go?

The “Disc Golf is Life” series has been of the most fun projects I have worked on at Dynamic Discs. These videos are scripted out and rehearsed because they have to be well produced to be effective. When we first had the idea for these it was easy to come up with subjects for each video but, now that we have done a few it is becoming a little more difficult to come up with ideas that will still be funny. We have a creative team at Dynamic Discs so I am sure we will keep making them.


Since you used to go and cover tournaments and create the videos for viewing , how does your position with Dynamic Discs affect how you want tournament coverage to be presented?

I have to be honest, producing tournament coverage video is my least favorite thing to do when it comes to disc golf media. Although I love being outside with players and the chance at getting something amazing on video like nice long putts or even an ace, I just seem to prefer the more creative process behind media projects like creating video ads or marketing pieces for social media. I think producers like Jomez Production, CCDG, The Disc Eye, and McFlySoHigh are making some really nice tournament coverage videos.


With the 2016 GBO and 2016 Worlds rushing into view, are there any tidbits you’re willing to let loose about what we’ll see in terms of media coverage? Number of cards covered each round, focus/highlight of FPO, nightly recap show?

Organizing media for the 2015 GBO was awesome. I still believe that for the 2015 GBO Dynamic Discs had the most broad media coverage for any one single event. I have looked back at the viewing numbers for the live coverage versus post production and for 2016 I am thinking we will be doing coverage slightly different. I have a few ideas that will hopefully give people what they want as far as event coverage.


You recently posted some polls on the Disc Golf Answer Man Facebook group asking about what types of videos that we would like to see, length of them, and other things. With what would seem to be some instructional videos in the works, how do you feel that the work the Dynamic Discs media department has done is setting DD apart from other disc golf companies? Are you looking to make DD the hands down best resource for tips, instruction, and information about disc golf?

I have always been a firm believer that media needs to be a huge part of a company’s strategic plans.  One of my goals in 2016 is for the site,, to be a major resource for disc golfers of all skill level to learn more about playing disc golf. This would include instructional videos on improving their game, rules of the game, course design, and more. 



Once again, many thanks to Bobby Brown for taking the time to answer a few questions. I hope you are enjoying these interviews with members of disc golf media. It has been thoroughly enjoyable to contact these folks and get to know them a little through their answers.