Welcome to the first in my series of five question interviews with the members of disc golf media. Watching videos on Youtube can help while away the hours when we cannot get out to the course. Since 2014, I have watched just about all the major tournaments that have been covered and published. 

While I subscribe to many channels that contain disc golf videos, The Disc Eye is one of the newer ones on the scene with some great videos. Only coming online one short year ago, the channel publishes great quality videos. I do not think any have any commentary, for those of you who like to hear the action.

Now, on to the questions with Brad, the man behind the camera of The Disc Eye.


As one of the premier videographers in disc golf, what do you get out of providing disc golf video coverage for us who don’t travel the country playing in tournaments?

I absolutely love this sport and want to see it grow in the competitive/professional realm.  What better way than through video to showcase our sport’s top athletes!

What brought you to the media side of disc golf rather than participating in tournaments?

Total fluke.  I’m close friends with Will Schusterick and last year my stepson and I went to watch him play in a local tournament – Vol Classic 2014.  When we got there Will asked me if I would use his camera and film a couple of his shots while walking the round with him.  The camerawork wasn’t very good, but I was immediately hooked.

What has been your favorite event to cover?

Maple Hill.  It’s such a special course and event.  Steve Dodge and his crew do an amazing job and I would love to get back there someday.  

I’ve noticed that most of your videos are of tournaments in the south, do you have some dream events that you’d like to cover?

I became interested in disc golf videos around 2008 while watching lcgm8’s channel, which covers disc golf in Scandinavia.  If money were no object I would LOVE to go over there to see their courses and cover some of their events.

During your travels covering disc golf, have you played a course on the road that became one you want to go back and play again, or do you have some courses close to home that are your favorites?

This was before I started filming, but back in 2005 a buddy and I went to Maui and got to play Haleakala DGC.  This was before there was a lot of course info online so finding and playing it was like succeeding in a treasure hunt!  Apparently it’s closed now, but I would love to be able to visit again and get it on film.


I would like to to thank Brad from The Disc Eye for taking the time to answer my questions.

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