From my start in disc golf, watching tournament coverage on YouTube has been a big time consumer. There are so many channels to choose from when you do a search. Majors, NTs, A-tiers, B-tiers, and even a few C-tiers have been filmed. The Majors and NTS usually have multiple cards being filmed and released on YouTube.

We often see interviews with the professional players, tournament directors, and company reps. Photographers capture awesome shots of the players mid-throw or just as the disc is released.  Drones have even been used to help capture hole previews.

All of this is great. It adds so much to what those of us who don’t have the skills to play on the pro level can get from watching the coverage. What we don’t ever see is the guys who take their time to go to these tournaments and spend their weekends or weeks filming our favorite pro players.

With my new series of posts, you’re going to get to hear from the folks behind the camera. Some of the crews that cover disc golf regularly have several members, while others are one person operations. These aren’t in depth interviews, but rather a peek into the mind of those who work the media side of disc golf.

I plan on posting the first of these interviews in a couple of weeks, in the interest of giving people plenty of time to answer the questions and get them back to me. I am excited to bring these “interviews” to you, as I can’t get enough of disc golf videos.