Welcome back!! Bringing you another top 10 list of disc golf videos, this time we are taking a look at the best made putts caught on film.

Aces are a low percentage shot, but an awesome occurance on the disc golf course. Along with aces, any shot made from beyond fifty feet are usually a low percentage shot. Many of them are amazing shots that go in due to the perfect combination of angle, wind, power, humidity, temperature, and many other factors.

Out of all the footage that I’ve watched over the past two years, I can’t recall all of the great putts that are out there. This list is just a small sample of some great putts.

And now the list of videos in no particular order.

Known for his turbo putt, JohnE makes a long one.


A 2 for 1 in this video, from the 2015 Memorial, Big Jerm and Paul McBeth


Here’s a good one from Dave Feldberg, who has so many to choose from.


This one is a great putt between branches by Dave George


While not a made putt, it is a classic example of when a surrender cobra strikes again, this time to Nate Doss


From Discmania ambassadorĀ Antti “The Hat Guy” Vuento, here’s his anti-gravity putt. That wind was screaming.


I hear DeLaveaga can be a nasty course, this guy handles it well.


Talk about some cage love in this video.


Tony Moccia is in as bad a position as possible, but makes it.


And lastly, a little cuteness for you to enjoy.



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