The term food desert is something heard often about urban areas where there aren’t large supermarkets full of fresh fruits and vegetables to be had. I could describe my hometown as a disc desert. There is only one place to purchase discs. A county museum that doesn’t have hours of operation that coincide with the time any normal job holder would be able to consider a purchase.

In fact, I don’t know of anybody who has ever purchased a disc from the place. I’m sure there have been plenty of sales there to people interested in what the sport is, but nobody that I have ever encountered on my local course has said they got one there.

Desert Exploration

The disc golf mecca known as Tupelo, MS has three places to purchase discs within the city limits. One is a local garden store, big box retailer Dick’s Sporting Goods, and most recently added Academy Sports. Dick’s only carries Innova, Academy sells Innova, Millenium, and Discraft, and the garden store has Innova, Discraft, Prodigy, MVP/Axiom, and Vibram.

My collection of discs contains discs from all three of those locations plus discs purchased online. I’ve also been fortunate to participate in a couple of disc manufacturer run events. One was a Prodigy PAR2 event in Memphis, TN. The other was the Dynamic Discs 2 Disc Challenge.

I was fortunate enough to be able to take off to attend the Dynamic Discs 2 Disc Challenge last year and just recently on December 3rd.

The Lowdown

The 2DC is an event series run all over the country by Dynamic Discs. One or more employees are sent out in their RVs to visit towns with disc golf courses. The premise is that you sign up for $20, and can pick two discs from the Dynamic Discs lineup. You get a base plastic (Prime, Classic, Classic Blend, and Classic Soft) putter and any other disc you want out of any plastic from the Dynamic Discs line. So you could get a Prime Judge and a Lucid Freedom, or any other combination.

Not sure what discs you want to select? Don’t worry, they have a whole bunch of test throw discs so you can try your hand at any disc in the Trilogy lineup.

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Upgrade options are available. For $23, the putter can be from any of the premium grade plastics (Lucid, Biofusion, Fusion, Fluid, or Moonshine). Step up to $33 and you can get a third disc of your choice from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, or Westside Discs. And at $45, a fourth disc can be had of any of the Trilogy lineup. No matter which level you choose, for the challenge you have to use the two discs you get that are DD discs.

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Once you have your discs, round up two other players for the card minimum of three and play a round of disc golf with just those two discs. Sounds easy right? NOT. Well, depending on the course.

The Atmosphere

I have played in several minis and one tournament over the past two years. They have all been very competitive in nature. A lot of smack talk, joking about poor shots, congratulations for great shots, and promises to put a beatdown on other players this time around. While the smack isn’t quite as prevalent at the 2 Disc Challenge, it is some very good natured competition.

Questions a plenty float through the air. What is like a Destroyer? What is your favorite driver? Should I get Lucid or Fusion? Is this more over/understable than that? I can get any other disc I want once I get a putter, right? What did you pick? How do you like that disc?

2DC 4
Tyler Searle helping out players. Image credit: Ronnie McCoy Facebook

Tyler Searle was the Dynamic Discs representative again. He has been driving the RV for the last two years, which are the only two that I have attended since I have only been playing for two years. Taking the time to speak with each and every person who walked up, Tyler was dripping with advice and answers to any questions tossed his way.

The Challenge

Now we are down to the nitty gritty of the event. Everybody has the chance to win some prizes. All you have to do is play a round of disc golf with those two discs that you chose from the tables loaded with discs. I said it earlier, it sounds easy. Right?

Well, not if your the unfortunate soul I was that day. The course it was held at is my favorite course, Veteran’s Park Original, a par 54 that winds up and down hills, through woods, and in open fields. Some holes are as short as 125 feet, but with a large elevation difference, and there is one 450 foot plus par 3. That one is a PITA, and yes, I meant for it to be all caps.

One round, just like a mini, but fairly casual. Keeping score was easy as we were not in a rush to keep ahead of anybody else. I had an amazing putt for par on the first hole. With a tree in my way of a clean putt, I straddled the the left of my lie, and tossed an anhyzer that dropped in the basket and curled around the back side without ever touching chains.

Things went downhill from there. That one long par 3, I took a double bogey. Two holes later, I took another double bogey on a tough uphill bent question mark shaped hole. Then came the coup de grace on the front nine.

Hole 7 is 240 feet long in A position and sits on top of the ridge of hills the course traverses . There are two guardian trees twenty to forty feet in front of the tee box. The fairway has a center line of trees that allow for a forehand or backhand line to the basket. My drive hit the tree on the right, kicked right and forwards some, then hit another tree and kicked backwards and even further right. It took me three throws to make it back up the hill to the fairway. I recorded a seven on that hole.

The Results

I went on to record a 64 for my round. While some may think this a horrible score, it was in fact a personal best on that course for me. I used the Fluid Warden and the Lucid Warrant during my round. The Fluid Moonshine Freedom got left in my SUV, since I was wanting to get an understable mid-range to use. The new Dynamic Discs Warrant fits that description to a t.

For the actual results, our club Vice-President, Ronnie McCoy posted them on Facebook.

1st Jared C. McCall 49
2nd James Bracken 51
3rd Tim Henry 55
3rd Connor Norris 55


1st Trevor Strong 53
2nd Mark Harsin 54
3rd Micah Peacock 55
3rd Steven Hillerman 55
3rd Joshua Rhoads 55

Congratulations to all the guys who got some prize winnings. Special recognition to Jared McCall for being the 3x consecutive 2 Disc Challenge winner in the Advanced division.

The Tour

Dynamic Discs takes their RVs all over the country hosting the 2 Disc Challenge. Matt Loyd and Tyler Searle travel the Eastern half of the US. Johnathan Ray covers almost the entire Lower 48, as Tyler told me that J.Ray was in at least 40 states this year.

So you want one in your area? Who can I reach out to about having one?

The quickest way to get in touch with Dynamic Discs about having one in your area is to visit the Dynamic Discs Chasin’ the Chains Facebook page. Flyers are posted detailing the locations that Tyler, Matt, JRay, or another DD rep will be taking the RVs and hosting a 2 Disc Challenge. Comment on a recent post or send a message with your questions & requests.

If you are looking to try out some Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, or Westside Discs plastic, you can’t go wrong with dropping by a 2 Disc Challenge.


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