I love taking my kids to play disc golf. It’s something besides playing on the playground, or riding a bike, or using their scooters. The days I take my kids out to the disc golf course, my Infinite Discs Large Bag with straps is on my back. It holds between 18 and 25 discs depending on what you are carrying. I carry this one when the kids are with me mainly so if they get tired of carrying their discs or just want to walk along and not throw, there will be a place for them to put their discs.

That large bag was a Christmas present from my wife in 2014.

In a Quandary

Having the kids on the course with me also presents a quandry. I want to enjoy playing a round with my children, but they tend to run up and try to put a disc in or get one out while walking down the fairway. This can get very annoying, as the tugging on the bag pulls me backwards, which can hurt if it happens unexpectedly. To prevent the unnecessary pulling on my bag while I am carrying it, they have been limited to one disc lately. So I have been looking into small bags for them to carry their own discs.

Several months ago, the Disc Golf Show podcast gave away a Nutsac Bags 2.0 single bag. The fellas who created and host the podcast give away products each episode, and I was the lucky recipient of the Nutsac bag. I wrote a review of it a while back, and I very much love that bag. It does cost a little more than other small bags, but if you want a quality made American product, there is no other choice.

To summarize the Nutsac Bags 2.0 single bag, the front pouch will hold two putters, while the rear section can hold six to ten discs depending on the molds. Thinner discs like fairway drivers and distance drivers will pack in more closely if you just cannot give up those extra discs. My kids fight over it whenever we go play disc golf. Which leads me to the next question.

What are some good small disc golf bags suitable for kids?

I have become, of late, partial to Infinite Discs as my favorite online retailer of all things disc golf. When I got their large bag with straps, I finally had a bag created specifically for disc golf. Even though I have the Nutsac Bags 2.0 single bag, I still want to get a bag for my kids that they can call their own. Off to Infinite Discs I went, and being the great retailer they are, they have a page full of a wide selection of small disc golf bags. 

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Being the value conscious shopper I am, there were a few bags that immediately stood out among the candidates. At less than $20, minus shipping, there are several to choose from.


Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe

We all have our favorite brands, and the hardcore (read: sponsored) will stick with their brand no matter what. Of the thirty thousand or so active PDGA members, I don’t know how many are sponsored, but I am willing to bet that it is less than two thousand of that number. Taking into account those figures, you have your choice of small bag to pick.

All of the bags you can choose from will be a great choice. Each bag has the same few features in common. Holding 6-10 discs, putter pocket, drink holder, adjustable shoulder strap. The Nutsac line of bags doesn’t have a drink holder, but they are a good bag nonetheless. Quite a few disc golf blogs/sites and podcasters have had many good things to say about Fossa bags. I have yet to see one up close, so can only assume that their small bag is as good as their larger bags.

Dynamic Discs does have a starter set with bag as an option if you want to take disc selection out of the process for your new disc golfer. It contains the Witness driver, Truth mid-range, and Judge putter, along with the Cadet bag. 

Quality Materials

Just to give a little more information about the bags, I checked into the material that some of the bags were made with. They all seem to be made from some type of nylon, with the exception of the NutSac bags, which are made from Cannonball canvas, which normally appears in work clothes. The Fossa Zoma is made with “durable 600D PVC coated Nylon,” according to their website. The Dynamic Discs Cadet is made with 600D Poly 68T PU2 on the exterior and 150D Poly PU1 for the lining. Discraft informed me that their Weekender bag was made from polyester.

I will give the Infinite Discs bags a plug here. At the beginning of this post, I said I owned their large bag with straps, which is made from 1680 Denier nylon. It is well made, with quality zippers and plenty of room. The small and starter bags are made with the same materials. Knowing how good my large bag is, I can only assume that the other two bags are of equal quality. They would be a great bag to purchase for use by any beginner.

Fill ‘er Up

My first post in the series, I touched on discs for kids and beginners. Purchasing discs and a bag for beginners can be done separately or at the same time. That’s your choice, and in my own search for gear for my young’uns, getting a bag for them would come after getting the discs.

First or last, a quality small bag for your new player is a must. For a wide selection at great prices, you can’t go wrong with Infinite Discs.



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