After playing at the park one afternoon, my kids told me they wanted to go play disc golf. We walked to the truck, gathered all my discs, and took the bridge over the river to the disc golf course. In New Abany, MS, we have a great course located at the Park Along the River which comprises a smaller section on the east side of the river where the playground is located, and a long walking/biking trail on the west side that includes the disc golf course. Not to be confused with the Tanglefoot Trail, it is also known as Tallahatchie Trails DGC, named for the river next to it.

Ecstatic Play

As we made our way to the course, they clamored for “their” discs. I had relegated the discs I no longer used to them, with the intention to eventually get some discs just for them. My son had the DX Aviar and DX Shark I started out with. My youngest daughter claimed the DX Leopard, while my oldest daughter didn’t care which disc she was throwing.

My son, who is 5, throws with abandon. True abandon, because you’d better watch out when he throws. He gets so excited to be out there playing, score meaning nothing. The same could be said for my youngest daughter, though she takes it a bit more seriously as she tries to throw properly and get it in the basket quicker than me. The eldest is like her mom, not thrilled at playing the sport just yet, but I’m working on them. I think it comes down to the discs they are throwing, as only the DX Leopard is one best suited for their slow arm speeds.

The Hunt

All of this wild flight of the discs, with great hyzers of 75 ft or less, got me to thinking about what they are throwing. Looking at the mid-range and fairway drivers I had available, they were all slightly overstable, except for the Leopard and a Prodigy F7. Delving into Infinite Discs, my search was initiated. I examined the most popular brands to find the stable to understable mid-range discs in each.

Tee to Basket

Discraft Buzzz SS Comet Glide Meteor Stratus
5/4/-2/1 4/5/-2/1 6/5/-3/2 4/5/-3/1 5/5/-3/1
Innova Kite Stingray Wedge Wolf
5/6/-3/1 4/5/-3/1 4/3/-3/1 4/3/-4/1
Dynamic Discs Evidence
Latitude 64 Fuse Pearl
5/6/-2/1 5/5/-4/1
Prodigy Discs M4 M5
5/5/-1/1 5/5/-3/1
Vibram Ibex
Westside Discs Tursas
Discmania  MD
Axiom Theory

As you can see from this table, there are quite a few stable to really understable discs in the mid-range category. While this isn’t a complete list, it is a great list to start with. Some of the discs I have listed are available in the lighter weights more suitable to kids, and some are not, but that also depends on the retailer and manufacturer. All of the discs are befitting players with low arm speed, so what really matters is the plastic you want to get and the manufacturer you prefer.

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20 Feet and In

The realm of putters. For kids, it should be 20 feet and in. If you really want to start a young player off with one disc, then a putter is the way to go. When looking at putters, the field is wide open. Aviar, Challenger, Wizard, Judge, Warden, Dagger, Mercy, Pure, PA3, PA4, and many more. Off the tee, from the fairway, and next to the basket, the putter is probably the most versatile disc that any player uses.

Take your pick of putter to give a new player and they’ll do just fine with it. I started out with an Aviar, moved to a Challenger, then eventually settled with the PA4 as my putter. There probably aren’t any disc golfers using the same putter that they started out with. As the player improves over the years, their putter will change, their putting style might change, and if it’s a child, their hands will get bigger and thus find their putter doesn’t fit as well as it used to.

Whatever you choose to give to that new player, whether 5 or 45, make sure they enjoy their time on the course. And take them more than once, because you need to get outside as well, and it’s more fun with a friend, new or old.




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