It’s that time of the year again. Christmas! That magical word that sets our children’s eyes to sparkling and their mouths to smiling and their little hand to writing letters to Santa. There’s a kid in all of us adults as well. Some go gaga over car parts, some over computers, some over clothes, some over cooking equipment, and the list goes on. I’ve taken the time to put together a list of a few things I want in the disc golf area. And with just over six weeks until the big day, here’s my Christmas wish list.


  1. Dynamic Discs Lucid Freedom
  2. Dynamic Discs Lucid Breakout
  3. Prodigy Discs M5
  4. Prodigy Discs PA4
  5. Dynamic Discs Lucid Suspect

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 Baskets & Equipment

  1. DGA Mach Lite
  2. Dynamic Discs Marksman
  3. Infinite Discs Tournament Seat
  4. Dynamic Discs Recruit Basket
  5. Dynamic Discs Dirt Bag

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The Rest

Dynamic Discs 2015 GBO Dri-fit

Crush Clothes – I throw farther than you t-shirt

Crush Clothes Hat – Light grey on red

There are probably more things I could list under the rest of what I want, but I’m keeping it short for now. All of the clothes I have here are reasonable. I don’t need hoodies or jackets as I get warm very easy when playing, even in super cold weather, and come out of long sleeved shirts quickly.

Gifts for Others

The Beginners section of the Dynamic Discs Store has a lot of great sets for new players. Weights and colors vary, but you can get starter sets of Trilogy discs from base plastic up to premium. The Package Sets page over at Infinite Discs has sets from Innova, Discraft, Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Vibram, and even one created by Infinite Discs themselves. Don’t forget to pick up a mini marker as well for those you’re disc gifting to as well. 

The Day after Christmas

Discs, bags, and baskets, oh my. Get your new disc golfer out on the course for a try. Show them how to mark their lie. Teach them how to putt so without you they can at least get by. I could go on and on, maybe not in rhyme, but what to do other than give the gifts is as important as the present. Get your offspring, nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, friends and acquaintances out there on the course with their new stuff and sling some plastic with them.

Work off that turkey, ham, potatoes and gravy, pecan pie, and sweet tea you consumed celebrating Christmas, or the Holidays if you prefer. Throw that coat, toboggan, and gloves on if you’re in the snow, or grab some sunblock if you’re in the desert. Be that kid who can’t wait to try out his new toys. As Patrick of Zen Disc Golf says, #justthrow.

What do you have on your wish list?