Discs, Discs, Discs. I want to purchase so many discs these days. New molds I want to try, more of the same molds I already have, and different plastics of the same molds. It’s so tempting to hop on the interwebs and zip over to the Dynamic Discs Store or Infinite Discs and snap up a disc or two each payday. My mouse clicks on many discs on those and other sites. Weights, colors, misprints, or X-outs; many a choice to consider. If you’re a sponsored player like Paul McBeth, you have a room full of discs to choose from, to which he shared a short video on Instagram showing what his family sees when they come over.

I see a stash of plastic as such that my salivary glands shift into fifth gear. The wheels start turning about what can be done with so many flying objects. And that’s all without having a basket in my yard with which to practice. Handy hands can hand craft something handy to handle the plastic if I had all of that.

Handling the Cravings

Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, with all of the discs you currently own so you’ll know how they perform for you.

And when you’re not practicing, catch up on tournaments that you want to watch on Youtube. Listen to Disc Golf Answer Man, or Zen Disc Golf, or Smashboxx.tv podcasts while taking a road trip, walking, or on your commute to work. Once all of that has been done, if you still have a need to purchase a new disc, then by all means whip out the laptop and make that click.

The click

As much as our beloved sport is growing, finding exactly what you want does call for a bit of searching over multiple websites. In the just two short years that I’ve been playing disc golf, it actually came as a surprise at how valuable old discs can be. Special runs, custom stamps, 4x, 5x, 11x, signature discs, prototypes, first runs, second runs, domey, flat top, bead, microbead, beadless. All of those options to choose from, and many, many more are available. One local club member said he had been selling his old discs to pay for his daughter’s college bills. That floored me knowing that the old discs could be worth that much.

Once you know that you want, you click ADD TO CARTand now you have started the process of purchasing said disc(s). A few days later you get that mail call. Excitement, elation, suspense, apprehension, and more are felt. Depending on who you purchase from, you may get tracking information about your purchase or not. If you do, you repeatedly check the website to see if there are any delays. If not, then you check the mailbox or post office box each day with a little added expectation for that package to arrive. 


I am always pumped to see that bubble mailer or cardboard box in my mailbox or on the porch. It’s like a mini Christmas or birthday just for me. Not once have I been disappointed by my “mail call.” Even when I received an Innova XT Whale from a giveaway, I was eager to get out on the course and throw it. I still have it, and use it occasionally though I have other discs used more often.  Only once has a disc been traded away, and that was an Innova Blizzard Champion Dominator, a really good disc when I could throw it well.

Not to Click

My disc golf game needs a lot of work, much like anybody else’s. I have made a conscious choice to only purchase one or two new discs a month, if at all. This comes down to two reasons. First, I don’t play a lot. Lately, I’ve only gotten out to the course about once every two weeks, and without a basket at home, practice is limited at the moment. Second, I need to learn what I already have and whether or not it works for me. I have a solid bag so far with discs from Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs, Innova, and Prodigy comprising the ones I throw the most. Any disc that I do purchase will be one I already can throw well, or another of my current favorite putter to have a stack of the same for practice.

The battle of the Click will continue all winter long. I will want discs made of my favorite plastic, those I already love, and those I have long itched to give a chance at making my bag. My wife may have to sway my hand away from the mouse a few times, but I think I can stay strong. I will not give in to the Click.