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Those headlines, plus any similar ones, draw millions of comments a day on social media. One man programmed a bot to win Twitter giveaways, and actually won almost a thousand of them over nine months. Of all the accounts and people I follow on social media, I have won a few items in giveaways over the past two years. We all love to win free stuff, especially when it’s something we often use. And thus, the disc golf gear giveaways I see each week on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook call to me like the sirens to Odysseus.

The One in Question

One item that has engrossed my disc golf game is the Dynamic Discs Lucid Suspect. In addition to the thrall it holds on me is the allure it attained from being a disc won in a giveaway. If you’re not familiar with Dynamic Discs, then you’ve been living in a rabbit hole. A leader in the disc golf world, they have also been producing quality media, and not just socially. They have a series of Youtube videos called Is This Disc Right For You? Discs are thrown by an amateur and a professional disc golfer so we can see how they fly for differing skill levels. After the videos are posted, they give the discs used in the videos away to some lucky person who commented on the video on Youtube or Facebook. 

I was the lucky recipient of a Lucid Suspect used in that video. Since I was already a fan of Dynamic Discs plastic, I was ecstatic to get another one to throw. Lucid was one of the plastics that I did not have a disc made from. Having a Classic Soft Warden, a Fluid Judge and Warden, a Fluid Escape, and a Fuzion Renegade at the time, that only left a select few plastic types that I had not thrown. Now, mid-range discs had not played a large part of my game until just a couple of months ago. Like many new to the sport, I was hung up on distance and fairway drivers as what I was looking to purchase and find a spot in my bag. 

What Is It Like?

I was completely surprised how well the Lucid Suspect fit in my hand. Predominantly a forehand thrower, the Lucid Suspect fit my forehand grip very well. I didn’t feel like I was trying to wrap my hand around the rim, it just fit without trying. It almost felt like I was using a fairway driver due to its slim profile. Deciding to take a look at just how slim the disc is, I pulled up the Technical Standards page on the PDGA website to satisfy my information hunger. The following chart shows the disc height and rim depth of each mid-range disc that I own. As you can see, the Suspect is the thinnest of the bunch, which explains a lot about why it feels so good in the hand. The second chart lists all of my fairway drivers, and they are mostly similar to the Suspect in disc height and rim depth. 

MANUFACTURER / DISTRIBUTOR DISC MODEL Max. Weight  (g) Diameter (cm) Height (cm) Rim Depth (cm)
Discraft Buzzz 180.1 21.7 1.9 1.3
Dynamic Discs Suspect 176.8 21.3 1.6 1.2
Innova-Champion Discs Mako 180.1 21.7 2.1 1.4
Innova-Champion Discs Shark 180.1 21.7 2.1 1.3
Prodigy Disc M1 180.1 21.7 2.0 1.3
Westside Golf Discs Bard (Laulaja1) 180.1 21.7 1.9 1.3
MANUFACTURER / DISTRIBUTOR DISC MODEL Max. Weight  (g) Diameter (cm) Height (cm) Rim Depth (cm)
Axiom Discs Crave 175.1 21.1 1.4 1.2
Dynamic Discs Escape 175.1 21.1 2.0 1.1
Innova-Champion Discs TeeBird 176.0 21.2 1.5 1.1
Millennium Golf Discs JLS 174.3 21.0 1.5 1.1
Prodigy Disc F2 176.8 21.3 1.5 1.1
Prodigy Disc F5 176.8 21.3 1.9 1.2
Prodigy Disc F7 176.8 21.3 1.5 1.1
Left - Lucid Suspect, Right - VIP Bard
Left – Lucid Suspect, Right – VIP Bard

A Look at the Disc

Now, on to the disc itself and how it performed for me. Dynamic Discs has this to say about the Suspect :

With a slightly overstable flight path, small diameter, and great feeling flat top, the Suspect will give you confidence off the tee or around the basket. The Suspect can handle headwinds and fight back on forced anhyzer shots. It shares the best characteristics of both a midrange and a putter and will fill that tweener slot in your bag.

Taking a glance at the flight numbers that so many of us use to compare discs, the Suspect is rated Speed : 4  Glide : 3  Turn : 0  Fade : 3. Being the first mid-range from Dynamic Discs I have ever thrown, I can’t compare it to the Truth, Verdict, Evidence, Fugitive, or Justice. I do, however, own the Westside Discs VIP Bard, and have used it increasingly the last couple of months. Whenever I throw the Bard, I can count on it fading left reliably, which makes it a go to disc in a headwind or when a hole bends to the left. To compare flight ratings to the Suspect, it is rated 5/4/0/3. As I understand, the VIP and Lucid plastic are the same, and from my experience with each disc, they feel and handle the same. I had wondered if the formula was changed between the Trilogy companies based to what they wanted, but as Eric McCabe has related about the names of the plastics, Westside is VIP, DD is Lucid, and Latitude 64 is Opto.

Making time to practice and prepare for my first tournament, I worked on my form a couple of days in the field to simplify my forehand. One of the key points to my practice was getting away from high speed distance drivers. I don’t bomb drives five hundred plus feet, I don’t have a 360 spin drive with x-step, and even my forehand isn’t very long. Going from a McBeth like forehand to a 4 step straight reach back didn’t help me out much. I was throwing high, with no distance, hyzering out early, or turning the disc over hard. Trimming that down to a two step forehand drive, and focusing on using mid-range discs changed my game drastically. The Lucid Suspect’s thin profile accelerated that proficiency. I could forehand the disc easily due to the fairway driver-like fit in my hand.

My Impressions

In that tournament, I used the Suspect as a utility disc at first. It saved me in a few situations, and was critical in carding my first ever under par round, the second tourney round of the day. The overstability of the Suspect let me throw it on a slight anyzer to see it roll to a flat flight and finish with a gentle fade to the right. One hole was a three hundred foot curve like a right parentheses ), and the Suspect anhyzered down the left curving fairway until I lost sight of it, finishing thirty or so feet from the basket. A dead straight hole we played, it flipped up and went straight, finishing with a fade thirty five feet to the right of the basket, pin high.

To say the least, the Dynamic Discs Lucid Suspect is my new favorite midrange. I don’t throw my other mid-range discs much due to their thickness. They function well for short forehand throws, but the Lucid Suspect really shines when throwing a forehand. The whole tournament, I used it on holes ranging from 135′ to 300′ and was able to power it easily anywhere in between. I missed out on the Novice CTP by three inches with the Suspect. Whenever I needed something I could count on, I reached in my bag for the Lucid Suspect.

Final Thoughts

I haven’t been this happy with one single disc since I found a putter that felt great to putt with. My game will never be about reaching those long pin placements with one drive. The Dynamic Discs Lucid Suspect is a disc that will live a long life in my bag. In just a month of use, I have found that it is a mid-range disc that feels like a fairway driver. In the search for disc golf advice, many have said to use only putters and mids until you get your form correct, then start using faster discs. I can definitely say that the Suspect is a disc that may supplant all of my fairway drivers. It has a high level of control, doesn’t skip much, and will fly as long as you want it to. That makes it a keeper, and were it not the only one in my possession at the moment, it would be a wall hanger to never be thrown again.


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