January 2014, I’ll never forget that month. It’s when I started fooling around. I had Sundays and Mondays off with the job I had at the time. Which meant that I had all day Monday to myself after dropping the kids off at school and come time to pick them up. It was freedom to do what I wanted, when I wanted, however I wanted. Sometimes I would do it with others, and sometimes on my own. It was wonderful, learning about new techniques, form, and stances.

Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about my love affair with disc golf. Christmas 2013 brought my first three discs in the form of the Innova 3-disc Golf Set from Dick’s Sporting Goods. My first round is long past forgotten, though I do remember that January as being fairly cold at times, so I didn’t get much play in until later in the year. But, I was already hooked with that first set. I had no clue how to throw the discs, so I searched Youtube for disc golf videos to see how it was done.

Innova DX starter set

I found oodles of information to absorb. Spongebob I became, and learned what I could to improve. Searching for new courses to play, discovering my love and hate of the one local course in my town, and discovering what I could and couldn’t do well was thrilling. The sport stuck to me, and now here I am. Writing about what I want to with the few who partake in my dialogue, and interacting with people whom I may likely never meet in person. All because of the sport of disc golf.

My wife would say that I like to play with my discs more than her, but that’s not true, and she knows it. She just likes pulling my leg about playing disc golf. However, I try to get her out on the course to play, but she resists, saying she’ll look dumb out there. I respond that I did when I first started playing, so it doesn’t matter, we’d be outside, having fun, and spending time with each other. Granted, the one time I’ve gotten her out on the course, it was around ninety-five degrees Farenheit, so maybe this fall will go a bit better. My kids enjoy it as well, but like me, the heat doesn’t agree with them, and here in Mississippi, the humidity adds a second ton of stress on your body when outside in the summer.

All I’m getting at is that I love this sport of disc golf. I’ve met a bunch of people playing, and am trying to get my family into playing. With our hectic lives between work, school, church, etcetera, we try to do things together as much as possible. Disc golf is one of those things, whether they love it as much as I do or not. Get your family, friends, and others out to a course for a fun round. It doesn’t matter where they throw, their score, or their level of skill. Add some incentive to it, a CTP, points per throw round, Ace Race style, or however you like to change it up. Do that, and maybe they’ll end up loving the sport of disc golf as much as you do.

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