After my latest round, I’ve determined that my game needs work. Considering my amateur status and less than two years of play, shooting a 64 on a par 54 course was pretty good. I had a couple of birdies in a row, but carded several 5s along the way and a couple bogeys. Most of my miscues were due to errant drives or second shots. One went into the woods, resulting in two throws to get to where I could throw towards the basket. Another hole next to a softball/baseball field saw my Innova Teebird turn over and sail over the fence. A couple of missed putts and unfortunate upshots hurt my score as well.

This brings me to my mission for the next couple of months. I’ve been lax on field work since I started playing. One time threw a bunch of shots next to my parents’ house until I could throw a decent forehand the majority of the time. Since that day, practice for me has been on the local course on Mondays when it was one of my days off at my former job. Add to that some occasional rounds not involving a club mini, and true work on my game really hasn’t taken place.

Here we go…..

Mission Name — Evidentiary Scoring Improvement(ESI)

Mission Description — Take a set of discs out to a large field and practice my throwing form and specific shot selection.

Mission Parameters — Work one type of disc each practice session. Record throws with camera for post session review. Take notes on each disc thrown, including shot attempted, flight path, distance thrown, etc.

I think this is a good start for my next practice session. My camera is already found, with fresh batteries, and an empty memory card. The tripod is in a easy to find location for retrieval when needed. My bag is already in my vehicle since I don’t have a good storage spot in the house. As Eric McCabe and Bobby Brown say on their Disc Golf Answer Man podcast, field work is the best way to work on your form, distance, control, snap, etcetera. As for work on my mental game, I’ll just have to get better at taking the advice that the Mind Body Disc and Zen Disc Golf blog and podcast are giving out.

I have my mission. Define yours and carry it out. I’ll definitely be taking care of business on my end.