The 2015 PDGA World Championships is finally complete. Saturday saw the crowning of a slew of new champions, and several repeats as well. The two most coveted and contested divisions were the MPO and FPO. With 143 and 48 competitors in their respective divisions, each one had earned enough points to qualify for the event. Containing pro disc golfers of all ratings, all had dreams of shooting course records each day and winning their first, or mulitple, world championship title. presented live streaming coverage each day which featured mainly the MPO and FPO top cards.

With all the hoopla and excitement over Paul McBeth winning his fourth straight, and Paige Pierce winning her third, one player was unfortunate enough to have what could have been her title taken away through no fault of her own. Sarah Hokom was involved in a car accident on the way to the course Friday morning. As reported by PDGA’s own Matt Gregoire, here’s a description of the accident.

Hokom’s vehicle was rear-ended at roughly 50mph as she waited at a stop sign. The force of the collision was enough to propel her vehicle into the oncoming lane, where she was struck again, head-on, by a large truck all in a matter of seconds. Her car…totaled. Her desire to compete…unphased.

@sarahhokom was in a car accident and missed the first two holes. She's playing well and holding fast. Incredible.

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Going through an accident such as that, and continuing to play out the tournament take great dedication. Being a top disc golfer, and seemingly very fit person may have played into her being able to continue the effort. I watched almost all of the live coverage that was streamed by and could ascertain no visible detriment to her ability to propel a disc to anywhere she wanted to send it.

When Crazy John Brooks took aside Paige Pierce for a short interview after putting it in to secure the win, she had tears pouring down her cheeks and told the camera that “She (Hokom) should have won it.” They shared a big hug, and continued about their business as they had to confirm the scorecard and do what was needed to truly make the tournament officially over.

Congrats, champs.

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I can’t imagine the fortitude it took for Hokom to finish the tournament after the accident and missing the first two holes of Friday’s round. Going into Friday’s action, she had a five stroke lead over Catrina Allen. PDGA rules state a player missing a hold take par plus four on each hole missed. Due to those holes missed, there was a nine stroke swing putting Catrina Allen in the lead going into hole three.

Taking the added strokes into account, and assuming the rest of the scoring could have been the same, it would have been a seven stroke victory for Sarah Hokom and her second worlds title. However, ifs, wishes, and dreams being as intangible as they are, the win does feel as though she had it ripped from her fingers. Here’s to a speedy recovery from any lingering effects of the accident, and wishes that her game continues to improve.

I hope you enjoyed the live coverage of the 2015 PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Championships. I definitely have been in a writing slump as I took in the tournament and all its ups and downs, twists and turns. Big Thanks for Stu Mullenberg of The Flight Record for use of the photos he posted on Instagram. Also, credit for the accident picture goes to whoever took it and to Matt Gregoire since it was in his article.  Keep coming back for more as I continue my journey in the realm of disc golf, and have a great week.


I was looking on Youtube and found an interview of Sarah Hokom by Terry ‘The Disc Golf Guy’ Miller. Very interesting to hear about it from Sarah herself. Enjoy it!