In October 2014, Dynamic Discs held a 2 Disc Challenge in Tupelo, MS. It was on a Wednesday. A work day. What did I do? Of course, I ditched work to go to the event. When I say ditched, I mean I used paid time off to take the day off for the challenge. I wasn’t missing out on pay when I could go play disc golf and get paid to do it at the same time. On that day, I selected a Classic Soft Warden and a Fluid Escape as my two discs. Unfortunately, my score was very high while learning these new discs.

Ever since that 2 Disc Challenge, I’ve been wanting a Warden in the Fluid plastic. I have been a regular viewer of the Youtube live podcast stream for a while, and would see Team Dynamic Discs member Eric McCabe in the chat room occasionally. Not to be annoying, but asking nevertheless, I would probe for a clue on when the Warden would show up in Fluid plastic. It finally dropped this month to retailers, and while I have yet to pick one up, I will get one soon.

This brings me to the backbone of this post. When I purchase a disc, bag, apparel, or accessory, it is usually dependent on the best price I can find for said item. Whether it be an online retailer or a local retailer, much like anybody else, I save money on my purchases where I can. Academy SportsDynamic DiscsInfinite DiscsDisc Golf StoreDick’s, and Philips Garden Center have all been locations or websites that I’ve purchased disc golf related items from. I don’t have any reservations about getting the best deal that I can on any purchase.

I picked up a couple of new discs the other day at the nearest Academy Sports. They had a clearance sale on all their Millenium discs, with some Innova and one or two Discraft molds on sale too. Loving the Innova Tern in Champion plastic, I got a new one as mine is a little beat up, and the Millenium JLS made it into the cart as well. With flight numbers similar to the Innova Valkyrie, I though it’d be a nice addition as a backup disc. I couldn’t resist purchasing those two discs since they were selling for half off. Had I caught other molds I like or wanted to try, I would have picked them up as well.

We all know that as manufacturers sell their products wholesale to retailers, the price gets marked up to what the disc is retailing for online and in brick and mortar stores. The same Innova Tern in Champion plastic will be sold for 12.99-15.99 generally when looking at online and physical store prices. It was on clearance that day for just under nine dollars, a great deal, whether online or in a store. When looking online, free shipping plays a big factor in whether or not I purchase something from an online retailer. Purchasing direct from the manufacturer has some appeal as well, since they reap more profit from the sale than purchasing from a third party, which in turn gives them more money to produce more great products. In a store, however, the feel of the plastic and the feel of the disc in hand play the bigger role in the purchase.

It all makes no difference once the disc is in hand and flying through the air towards a basket. I love the sport and enjoy my time on the course. I’m constantly looking at discs I could buy, or ones I want to buy, and finding them in so many places that it’s hard to not buy one each time I walk into a store or pull up a new website. I think what I’ll do is just get out and play. Stop worrying about what I want or don’t really need, and focus on learning the discs I have in order to be a better player.

In the meantime, I shall ponder my next purchase. Whether it be online or offline….