Goodbye disc…..

It’s a club we have all been unfortunate enough to join at some point or another. Some people have joined the club on multiple occasions in the same round, as talked about in a Facebook post in the Disc Golf Answer Man group. One member said they lost an entire bag of 12-15 discs at Selah Ranch in Texas a few years ago over a couple of rounds. Another member of the group said they had lost 8 in one round a few years ago. I myself have only lost one disc, the one in the picture below


It’s an off-white Dynamic Discs First Run stamped Judge. I posted about this disc at the end of last month when I lost it for the first time. Yes, the first time wasn’t the last. It was a Monday when I was fooling around on one of the courses near my workplace after getting off. I tramped around in the brush for at least fifteen minutes looking for it before I had to leave. My local club has minis on Thursday and Sunday every week. Before the Thursday mini that week, I went back out to the course I had lost it on and found it within five minutes of looking. Lucky me. During the mini, on hole 14, a downhill 158 foot with probably a 20 foot elevation drop, I found a disc that one of my cardmates had lost earlier before the mini. Lucky me.

This past Thursday, at the weekly mini, on the same hole that I found a disc on two week prior, I teed off with the disc I had lost and found. With “dirt” from my DD Dirt Bag on my hand, I grip locked it over the gigantic brush/vine mess to the right of the “fairway.” Fairway is in quotes as it isn’t much more than the trail down the hill, and it’s rather open around the basket, discounting the trees. I traipsed down the hill to find my tee shot, and after 5 minutes of looking, had to re-tee, and took a 5 on the hole. Again, I found a disc on that hole. Lucky me. After the round, as we were walking back to the pavilion for the tag handout, I stopped to look for my disc. I managed to find it after a few minutes of looking. Lucky me.

I have since renamed this Judge to the Dubious. I love the plastic, of which it is the Fluid line. It flies great, and feels great in my hand. But, as evidenced twice so far, has not been reliable. I need more fieldwork with it, true, but I also need a practice basket as well. I’m determined to make it a go to disc in my bag, so maybe it’ll be renamed the Judge later on.