Whew! I almost can’t stand to get out in this oppressive heat we have here in Mississippi. I played in my local club mini this week, and was soaked through by the time we finished one round. I had two one liter bottles of water, and drank them both. With three medium size towels in my bag, even they didn’t last long with the heat and humidity. I do have one product that I’d like to highlight, and that is the Dynamic Disc Dirt Bag. Credit for the picture goes to Infinite Discs, as I pulled the image from their site.

dirt bag

I’m sure a lot of people know about the venerable Birdie Bag that has been around for a long time. Having never owned one, I can’t say anything about the effectiveness of the product nor will I say anything negative about it. I will discuss the Dynamic Disc Dirt Bag, since I can attest to it’s usefulness.

After my first few holes at the mini, I was already sweating pretty bad. My discs were getting slippery in my hands, so I unzipped the pocket my dirt bag resides in and put it to use. Squeezing it and sort of crunching it like you would when crumpling a piece of paper, then tossing it and letting it land in my palm produced a fine white powder that coated my hand. I would then grip my disc, and be able to get a sure throw due to the extra grip it provided after soaking up some moisture. I’ve had it for a few months, and until recently, had only used it sparingly. A tremendous amount of rain this spring has limited play, with one recent storm dropping 9.95 inches of certifiable rain in my hometown on July 3rd.

It is a small bag, so it won’t take up that much room in an already crowded disc bag, at around 3 inches by 4.5 inches. It’s smaller than your average index card, and it collapses into itself neatly to about the size of a hacky sack when you set it on end. The powder, or resin dust, coats your hand thoroughly and will make a sweaty hand hold onto any plastic type. I carry a very mixed bag, which include the following plastics, DD Classic Soft, Fluid, Innova Champion, Star, and DX, Prodigy 400, 400G, and 750, and an Axiom Proton plastic disc. My plastic preference seems to be more towards Innova Champion type or comparable plastic, to which the Dirt Bag has helped me hang onto in these hot and humid conditions.

My last thoughts about the Dynamic Disc Dirt Bag is that on a very hot and humid day like today is that you need more than one of these grip enforcers, and that’s the truth.