I got off work the other day, and had a little time to kill. So I went to the newest course in the Tupelo, MS area called Music Bend. I haven’t played the complete course, and a lot of work has been done to improve the design and layout of the course over the past month. A lot of credit goes to the members of the Tupelo DGA who help to maintain and put on tournaments at the 8+ courses in the Tupelo area. The first hole had been lengthened and made into a par 4.

A couple other guys were on the first tee warming up with some practice tee shots. I took a few of my own, and eventually played my second shot from the first disc I had thrown. It would be considered OB during a mini or tournament play, but as I was just starting a casual round, I played it from where it was as I generally do during casual rounds. A decent second shot put me in place for an easy upshot to putt for par. My third shot was a flick with my newest disc, a white misprint Fluid Judge. I watched it anhyzer, then start to flex back towards the basket, and took my eye off it while I picked up my bag to advance to it’s landing spot.

I never saw the disc again. The course is set in some thick brush next to a large creek. Shoulder high weeds and grass abound to the left side of the fairway where my disc disappeared. I looked for about fifteen minutes, but was never able to locate my disc. It was a first for me, being the very first disc I have ever thrown while playing a round and not been able to find. I hadn’t played for a few weeks due to a job change and house remodeling work. Not saying rust was a factor, but I’ve always been able to find a disc when I didn’t see where it landed.

I’ve heard a couple of random players say “It’s just plastic,” when they throw a disc and can’t find it. Fortunately, the players in my area are very good about getting a found disc back to the player who lost it. Greg Barsby, a touring pro, had a video uploaded to Facebook in which he called a person whose disc he had found while playing a round at Maple Hill, possibly a practice one from the video (follow the link to watch). I hope that the good will of players in my area shows up where you live. If not, I wish good flights to your discs, and favorable landings.