Taking a look around the Internet, you can find oodles of websites that sell discs. A few of my favorites are Dynamic DiscsInfinite Discs, and Disc Golf Store. Some sites sell only premium discs, of which I mean they only sell discs that have no flaws or misprints, and other sell X-outs, misprints, and factory seconds. Some do free shipping at certain price points, and some ship for a flat fee no matter how much you purchase. And then you have the local stores that sell discs, big box stores, and secondhand stores like Play It Again Sports.

The point of talking about these retailers is that we all love getting some #NewPlastic to add to our collection/bag. I would have to count my discs to get the exact number, but I have between 20 and 30 discs. I have added just under 2 discs per month since I started playing in January of 2014. Some months I didn’t buy any, and others I purchased several. My latest purchase was a Dynamic Discs Fluid Judge, which was of the misprint variety since I like to save some money, and the stamp misprint doesn’t affect the flight of the disc.


I had picked up a Fluid Escape at the Two Disc Challenge event that was held in my area last fall, and loved the grip and flexibility of the plastic. At that event, I also got a Classic Soft Warden and have grown to love it as my main upshot disc and putter off the tee. Hoping that Dynamic Discs would put the Warden out in the Fluid plastic, I kept looking and checking back on the Dynamic Discs retail site to see if it would be released. Finally, I just buckled down and bought the Judge that I got since it has the same flight numbers, and is essentially the same disc as the Warden, but with a bead on it whereas the Warden has no bead.

In taking it out for a round for the first time, I reached for the Judge on my upshots rather than picking up my trusty Warden. In a video made by Dave Dunipace on Youtube, he points out that the bead is added to discs to keep them more stable, not to make it more stable. And to clarify, at the end of the video he says that it was added to reduce wear on the disc. Coming from such a legendary figure in the sport of disc golf, that makes a lot of sense when it comes to discs and how wear and tear affects them. I had thought that the bead would make the disc more stable, which according to Dave Dunipace, that is a misconception about the bead on discs.

Back to the Fluid Judge and how it threw in my first round with it. When faced with shots of 150 feet or less, my Warden always came out, since I could throw it straight and it would sit down nicely around the basket. Picking the Judge up for the same shots was a great addition to my bag. I find that with the bead, it does fly a bit more stable than the Warden for me, but that may be due to my bad form more than anything. When I threw the Judge, it was as straight and reliable as the Warden has been. I threw it off the tee on a short 200 foot hole, and felt that a tree needed to meet it for the first time. Picking it up to throw for my second shot, I checked it out, and I couldn’t find a scuff mark on it. That adds some good marks for the Fluid plastic in my book.

So, the love of the game makes getting new discs a high that some get from illegal substances or legal ones that alter the mind. I prefer the #NewPlastic high, and the first round with it.