We all have our troubles when it comes to playing disc golf. My main one is I have to throw forehand for distance due to an elbow injury. Others have problems with grip lock, bad form, throwing high, and on and on. One struggle that seems to be common among all disc golfers is making putts from the ten meter circle, or thirty-three (33) feet, and closer. I certainly struggle with it at times, especially as I get closer to the ten meter circle distance and further out.

I find that when watching videos of most professional players, they use the same disc and mold almost exclusively when putting. Paul McBeth has his McPro Aviars, Will Schusterick uses a 300 series PA3, Dave Feldberg uses the Sinus, Eric McCabe has his signature Mercy putters. And that’s just a few of the many professional players and their preference for putter disc selection. I hesitate to contemplate how long it took some of those players to settle on a putter that they want to stick with, but I’m willing to say that it took many thousands of practice putts, hundreds of rounds played, and years of work developing their skills.

Now, having only played for about a year and a half, I am not even close to choosing the putter that I plan on using for years to come. However, I have a pair that I use exclusively for putting and never throw an approach with, and they are a Prodigy PA4 in 400S and 750 series plastics. The 750 one is the disc that was offered at Prodigy PAR2 events that have been held in the past several months and weighs 170 grams. The 400S disc is stamped with a Proto stamp, and weighs 174 grams.

With these two putters, I feel like they fit my throw pretty well. I have other putters, but none seem to fly as true as these two do for me. I don’t have a practice basket, so my putting practice is limited to whenever I’m at the local park and I have my children with me and they just want to play or ride their scooters on the paths. Though I have managed some makeshift practice in my backyard using a folding chair, the kind that you get for taking to ballgames, or camping that slips into a bag. Doing that from around thirty feet seems to have helped me some in my accuracy, though my form still needs lots of practice to develop the kind of muscle memory that Jeremy Koling has developed. If you ever watch videos that he is in, when he’s close, say 20 feet or less, he pretty much just steps up and putts without any practice motions. In an interview, he said it’s all muscle memory on those close shots, which is why he putts so quick on the close ones.

Interest in some putting tips, click on the links to go to putting tip videos that have been posted to Youtube. Ragna BygdePaul McBethDave FeldbergDiscmania feat. Avery Jenkins & Jussi Meresmaa, and Robert McCall – Team Dynamic Discs Clinic Series. All of these videos feature professional players giving tips on putting and can help your game. I think I’ve got some Youtube time ahead of me again, time for a refresher.