#Growthesport is a hashtag that has become very popular lately in the disc golf world. All Things Disc Golf has a discussion post about grow the sport. Many professional disc golfers run clinics in conjunction with tournaments. Youtube is riddled with instructional videos about form, grip, x-step, backhand, forehand, putting, driving, and just about anything else you would want to know about how to play disc golf and get better at it. So, in essence, if you want to get better, it’s easy. Just watch a few videos, get out and play, and do field work to learn the discs. But what about actually growing the sport?

Watching all the video that I do of professional disc golf tournaments, I can tell that most of the folks on tour are younger, not married, and probably don’t have kids, and I’m specifically referring to those seen playing MPO and FPO. Being above 30 with three(3) kids, it gets kind of hard to get outdoors for anything and not have the young ones with me. They’ve tagged along at the local disc golf course with me before and I can truly say that they didn’t enjoy it. All the holes are 250 feet or longer, with a couple well over 400 feet. It’s not the ideal course for kids to get out on and have a good time.

That got me thinking about #growthesport. What could I do to grow the sport? As always, kids are our future. So what are we doing to make the game friendly to our kids? From what I’ve seen, not a lot, and it can discourage them from ever getting into the sport. We all have baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and others run by the local parks departments which have leagues just for all the kids who want to sign up can play in. Most disc golf courses I have seen only have one set of tees, and some have short and long tees, but I’ve never seen one with junior tees.

I brought the idea of junior tees up with the disc golf club in my area, Tupelo, MS, to see how they’d react to growing the sport in this manner. After a lot of discussion, it was agreed to implement it and see how well it worked with those of us who have kids that want to play but felt like the holes were too long for them. A small group has been formed with the go ahead to put in Junior tees on a couple of courses. We plan on using small brick pavers painted a bright flourescent color as tee markers. While this isn’t something we plan on doing for every course, it will be done on the more family friendly courses that are located where lots of family events and attractions are located and held.

What are you doing to #growthesport?