This poor country disc golfer has never played in a tournament. I want to badly just to see how I stack up against other players in my area. There’s a tourney coming up in a couple of weeks that I may play in, but schedules and work may yet again prevent that, but we’ll see. On to the news from the weekend.

The last month in disc golf has been filled with really big tournaments filled with all the top professionals on the tour these days. Starting out the month, we had the Glass Blown Open, then there was the West Coast DG Chamiponships, and just ending yesterday was the 30th Annual “Steady” Ed Masters Cup. Follow the links to see the results. That’s three tournaments in three weeks, with two being National Tour events, and the other an A-tier. The winner in all of those events, if you don’t follow the PDGA then you must live in a hole, was Paul McBeth.

Taken directly from the PDGA article, here’s a line about how dominant Paul McBeth has been this year.

“He started the year off by winning a PDGA Major, and has since won two of the three National Tour events, plus another 7 A-tiers. And he doesn’t just win, he dominates. The closest a second place finisher has been to catching Paul has been a deficit of four throws.” – by Matt Gregoire

Looking at his loss at the NT event he didn’t win, he lost on the first playoff hole after his drive spun around in a circle, hit the retaining wall next to the water, then jumped over and into the drink. For the week, he had 5 bogeys not counting the playoff hole, while Jeremy Koling, who won 27th Memorial Chamionships, didn’t have an error the whole tournament. To lose five strokes, potentially 10 if those ahead of him birdies those holes, and still end up tied for the lead and forcing a playoff means that he is good, very good.

As the article goes on to state, it’s going to be hard to catch “McBeast” when he gets a lead. I didn’t follow the tournaments as closely last year as I am doing this year, but going into my second year of playing the sport, it’s been amazing to watch the footage from Terry “The Disc Golf Guy” Miller,, Jomez Productions, Prodigy Disc, and the many others who cover disc golf tournaments and post their footage to Youtube for us all to watch.

My final thought about Paul McBeth’s amazing run so far this year is this. Ken “The Champ” Climo has 12 World titles to his credit, with a stretch of nine(9) in a row. I don’t know how the tour ran when Climo was on top, and haven’t looked at all of his wins during that time, but I have a feeling that barring injury, McBeth could eventually take the moniker “The Champ” away from Ken Climo. That is, if all we care about is World Championship titles.