Practice. That was a word I hated, well not hated, since that’s a strong word. I’ll go with I disliked practice when I was a youngster. While that wasn’t that long ago, I am over 30, so it’s been long enough. I hear quite often on the Disc Golf Answer Man and other advice given by any professional disc golfer that to improve your game, you must get out and do field work or….practice.

How often do you really get to practice? I know that my game hasn’t improved that much since I started in January of 2013, but I can at least play bogey golf on each hole I get throw. With a family who requires my full attention, work, and all the associated activities, I don’t get to truly practice any particular type of shot or my form. I get all my practice in when I go to my home course on my day off and play a round. Since I usually play these rounds alone, I get to throw multiple drives on each hole, or try my approach shots using different methods, or practice my putts again and again.

I plan on doing something a little different starting this month. One piece of “wisdom,” and I use it in quotes simply because it is mentioned often for newer players, is to play my next few rounds with only my mid-ranges and putt and approach discs. This will be very interesting as I only have a few mid-range discs. I have a couple of Innova Sharks, an Innova Mako, a Prodigy M1, and a recently giveaway won Westsite Bard. My putter list is better, as I have two Prodigy PA4s, Innova Dart, Whale, Aviar, and Rhyno, a Discraft Challenger, and a Dynamc Discs Warden.

This is going to be an interesting challenge as I haven’t really thrown my mid-range discs much. Being a primarily forehand thrower, I tend to use my fairway drivers rather than mid-range discs when faced with an approach shot or off the teepad on short holes. With the short selection of discs I will be faced with on this journey, I will be forced to learn the discs I don’t normally use and hopefully will appreciate what I can and can’t do with them. If this doesn’t turn out well, I may end up getting rid of some of the discs since they don’t work well for my game. Only time will tell, and my game will either suffer or improve as a result.