Today was a beautiful day to play disc golf. It got up to about 70 with cloudy skies and some wind, gusting at times pretty strong. While I was out of town over the weekend, the local course had some time to dry out and was much more playable today. My work schedule gives me Sundays and Mondays off with Monday pretty much free to do whatever I want to since my wife is at work and the kids are at school until 3 pm. As a result, when I get out to play disc golf on Mondays, I’m usually playing by myself if I stay in town and don’t drive to Tupelo where there are six courses available to play any day of the week.

Today, I stayed in town to play my local course. At over 5900 feet long, it’ll definitely get your mile of walking in for the day and much more than that depending on where your discs land. My first full round since a frozen round on one day in January that the sun was shining, I had the course to myself. Having the course to myself is nice. No joggers, walkers, kids, pets, or distractions to be cautious of when preparing for a throw. It can also make for a long round when nothing is going right.

I keep my mind off of what I’m doing by listening to music or comedy on Pandora or an audio book when playing a round all alone. Walking along the course hearing great music, comedy, or a great book provides me with the companion I need when not playing with others. Most of the time, an audiobook is what I’m listening to, as it gives me something to follow and think about what happened earlier in the book during when a surprise is revealed. Comedy is great when I’m looking to just enjoy the round and not concern myself with how I play. Music can help me focus when I’m trying to work a particular shot type during a round.

Keeping yourself distracted when playing by yourself can be important to your game. I don’t like to play a round without something to listen to because it allows me to think about my mistakes or what I could have done better on that shot from behind the tree or under those low branches. Since I don’t get to do a lot of field work, my practice is mainly on the course during those lonely rounds. If I didn’t listen to something during a round by myself, I don’t think my game, form, or technique would have improved any since I started playing.