Since the last week or so of February, it has rained, snowed, or sleeted/icy mix every single week here in North MS. With only a scare few sunny days since then, playing time has been limited, and usually with less than ideal conditions to play in. And with those scare playable days allowing me to get outside, my home course hasn’t had time to come close to drying out. Standing water on almost every hole comes into play. Mud, grit, leaves, it all sticks to my shoes and the discs when they land.

I have enjoyed the few days this winter that have been playable. While work hasn’t allowed me to play any tournaments as of yet, I plan on playing at least a couple this year in the region. I like playing in cold weather because I get hot and sweaty very easily, but the weather usually prevents a lot of play during the winter months. And here I am back mentioning the weather again. Since Valentine’s day there has been 37 days with some form of precipitation out of 64, with no more than 3 days with no precipitation between days with it.

Which brings me to my main point of this post. Weather plays such a large part of the sport since it’s an outdoor activity. Football is fun played in the rain, as is soccer, and a few more that slip my mind as I write this. Others like disc golf aren’t as enjoyable in foul weather, namely ball golf, baseball, basketball, running, tennis, etc. I see a lot of videos of tournaments played in the rain, mud, and other bad conditions. While those are schedule months in advance and have no indication on what the weather will be like, it forces the players to manage their game the best they can when they could have a bad shot each time they grab a disc and get set to throw.

The few times I’ve been out on the course this winter, I’ve managed to play well considering my skill level. Mostly it means taking my time when making my throws or carefully placing my feet on ground that I won’t slip on. The few times I haven’t been careful, I’ve paid for it with slips and falls and horrible throws. Having a decent pair of old shoes also helps out when the course is wet and nasty. A pair of New Balance cross trainers have been one of the best pair of shoes I’ve ever had, and the knobby soles they have make them ideal for nasty conditions.

I haven’t enjoyed a full round of disc golf in months all because of the weather. April showers bring May flowers. I have allergies, so I wish April showers would stop for at least a couple weeks until May comes around.