Welcome to my new blog. My name is Matthew, I’m 33, married, 3 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats, a minivan, and I love disc golf. I’ve only been playing for about 15 months now and have grown to enjoy the sport more than any other I’ve ever played, and I’ve played several over the years. I’m not yet a PDGA member, and doubt I will be since there aren’t many PDGA tournaments in my area and I’ll never be a touring pro.

I would consider myself a Rec player at this point of my game since I’m usually scoring each hole at par or above. I live in North Mississippi, and my favorite course so far is Veteran’s Park Original at Veteran’s Park in Tupelo, MS. To my average skills, it has a mix of the best features needed for a disc golf course. It’s elevation changes, wooded holes, open holes, and differing pin placements on some holes make it a great course in my opinion.

My hometown course by comparison is fairly flat, with half of the holes through woods, and the other half open as could be. I like it as well, but it’s just not as exciting to play as Vets in Tupelo is to me. I score about the same on either, but find Vets to be a more challenging course to play. Nevertheless, my home course is the one I play the most, since it’s only 5 minutes from my house, and it’s got a playground for the kids to play on if I have somebody to watch them or I drag them over to the course along with me. With the last month and a half having so much rain/snow/ice, it’s been hard to play at all since the weather has been miserable and the course sopping wet. My last almost complete round there was a +6 over 13 holes, which I had to stop because of darkness and had six bogies and seven pars. Not bad for a rusty middle aged guy who can’t get regular weekly play or practice.

I love watching videos of the pros on Youtube. You can find a lot of good content there of PDGA sanctioned tournaments. All levels of tournaments are posted there, from Majors like the PDGA World Championships to the Morristown Throwdown, a B-tier held in Morristown, TN. A quick search of disc golf on Youtube will find many videos from the past four to five years of tournaments, and even some “ancient” tournament coverage from back in the 80’s and 90’s that somebody has transfered from VHS to digital content.

If you’re looking for podcasts of disc golf information, there’s no shortage of those either. Disc Golf Answer Man is a popular one with reviews, news, and a large question and answer format where you can submit your question and professional disc golfer Eric McCabe and amateur Bobby Brown take their time to answer to the best of their abilities. Smashboxx.tv is another very popular postcast that is broadcast live weekly, including Pro player interviews, news, tournament results, and questions from the live chat board while the show is live on Youtube. Disc Golf Show and Zen Disc Golf are two more that are out there for your enjoyment.

Check back regularly for more interesting(hopefully) content about a regular joe who enjoys a sport that is rapidly growing in this country.